The best 22 kitchen appliances you can not live

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Upgrade the functionality and convenience of your kitchen with the best innovative kitchen appliances. The latest products will make this hard-working space even more stylish and comfortable. From smart appliances to flexible-use components, new models have amazing features that you have to see to believe. Any of them will enhance your home life and make entertainment a breeze.

The ultimate entertaining convenience

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Chilled wine, spirits or water is always handy when you have a bottle cooler built into your countertop. This is great for entertainment because you can have your chosen beverage on hand and ready to drink at the right temperature throughout the evening. And if you enjoy a bottle of wine for two, it stays at the perfect chilled pace no matter how long you linger. Having this kind of countertop cooler also makes it easy for the guests and prevents them from having to rummage through your fridge for the right bottle.

Increased wine storage

Elevated Wine StorageLook in the gallery

An under-the-counter wine cooler has become ubiquitous in kitchens these days, so opt for an integrated wine cooler for something more distinctive and design-oriented. Choosing this type of model incorporates the coolers into a unified, cohesive design, no matter how elegant or traditional it may be. Here, the kitchen is quite minimalist, and the wine cooler’s single-glazed window, set in the full wall of matching cabinets, transforms it from just an appliance into a visual highlight.

Show off your food

Show off Your FoodstuffsLook in the gallery

When you choose to have a glass door on the fridge, as on this model from True Residential, you do more than just show your food. At a glance, you can see if you have what you need before going to the store. This is the perfect style for those who like to be super-organized – and for those who need motivation to keep the fridge cluttered. All the beautiful fruits and vegetables that you like to eat can also be seen, so you reach for them more often instead of junk food in the closet.

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Chic on the inside

Chic on the InsideLook in the gallery

The exterior design of refrigerators has come a long way in looking more stylish and now you can also get a whole new level of chic on the inside. Jenn-Air makes a refrigerator with a sleek, dark interior that looks very cool and makes even yesterday’s leftovers more appealing. Perfect lighting keeps the interior bright, so nothing is lost on the back of the shelf.

A designer look

Dolce and GabbanaLook in the gallery

Dolce and Gabbana have teamed up with Smeg and created refrigerators and series in colorful designs from the iconic fashion brand. Not surprisingly, they can be quite expensive, but you can still add a touch of high fashion with some of the smaller appliances from collab. Choose from a juicer, toaster or teapot in the vibrant Italian patterns that are instantly recognizable and you will immediately light up the kitchen.

A killer area

Caliber kitchen rangeLook in the gallery

If you love to cook, it’s a big investment to blow up a killer range for the kitchen. Not only is it super-functional and stylish, but it will make cooking more fun, whether you are making a giant holiday dinner or whipping up a quick evening dinner. It does not hurt to go big when choosing an assortment, because that way you always have the capacity to entertain an audience. And cooking several things at once is a breeze. When buying an advanced range, decide which features are most important to you and buy the best selection you can afford, then you are ready!

Add a little personality

Add a Little PersonalityLook in the gallery

There are not many ways to add personality to the interior of a refrigerator beyond the types of food you store in it, but now you can get a nice decoration with this Dacor model. In design and decor, it is often the small details that make the biggest difference: The front panel on the top drawer of this column refrigerator is decorated with a Portuguese tile design. Now you can have a refrigerator with not only the latest refrigeration technologies, but also with a certain visual appeal.

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Go touchless

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The range of available kitchen fixtures is already almost endless, and now you can add non-contact technology to the possibilities. While this type of faucet was available before the pandemic, interest has blossomed with the new focus on best health practices, even at home. You can still have the downward spray style you want along with new technology that includes preset temperatures and is able to turn it on and off with just a hand wave.

A sink with a movable partition

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Turn a standard two-bay sink into a large farmhouse-style sink with a removable partition. Franke’s versatile sink contains two drains for maximum functionality.

Chef’s Center adds function to the laundry area

Chef’s Center Adds Function to the Sink AreaLook in the gallery

Franke’s Chef Center helps you squeeze the most comfort and functionality out of the laundry area. Boxes, shelves, racks and accessories make this hard work area more useful.

Integrated kitchen sink containers

Integrated kitchen sink containersLook in the gallery

Stamp the dripped sponges and other wet objects into these integrated trash cans in Franke’s washing system. The hills run directly into the center line, making them super comfortable.

A whole new style with the new faucet sprayer

A Brand New Style of New Faucet SprayerLook in the gallery

Franke’s latest innovation for kitchen faucet eliminates the need for a pull-out hose. The new design changes the spray head from the main tap head to the back of the luminaire.

Miele vacuum sealing drawer

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Miele has created a vacuum sealing drawer that allows you to keep food fresher for longer. Prepare your food – meat vegetables, whatever – and put it in the drawer. The sealer fills the bag with gas, sucks it out again and then seals it. It is the perfect companion to the steam oven above, which has a sous vide function. Sous vide cooking requires the food to be vacuum sealed to cook properly.

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Make custom coffee drinks at home

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Make the full range of barista-style coffee drinks in your own home with the Bosch Coffee Center. The machine even allows you to pre-program favorite coffee drinks for your family and friends.

Mount more in the dishwasher with a deeper third rack

Fit More Into the Dishwasher with a Deeper Third RackLook in the gallery

The new third rack in the Bosch custom dishwasher holds more than just silverware. It is now deep enough to hold all the grain bowls that your family uses.

Throws some light on the inside of the dishwasher

Shed Some Light on the Inside of the DishwasherLook in the gallery

Now you can look better inside the dishwasher with new models that include a fully lit back wall. No more struggling to look deep inside this Gaggenau dishwasher ..

Lots of power in a minimalist kitchen valve

Plenty of Power in a Minimalist Kitchen VentLook in the gallery

Small kitchen? No problem, because you can have a powerful vent in a small pull-out unit. Gutman’s sleek hob includes a central vent that is pulled at the touch of a finger.

An ideal workstation for any kitchen

An Ideal Workstation for Any KitchenLook in the gallery

Galley’s ideal workstation makes any kitchen an extra functional space for cooking and entertainment. The central sink can be equipped with a complete range of surfaces and accessories that make cooking a breeze.

Sink swivel bins make cleaning easy

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Reaching out on cleaning supplies and things you stash under the sink is a task that may require getting down on your knees. Scavolini’s revolving cabinet doors with trash cans make it easy to access these things.

Combine lighting and ventilation with a slim retractable unit

Retracting kitchen countertop ventLook in the gallery

Lighting and ventilation do not have to collide with a sleek kitchen design. Adding a vent like this from Best gives you all the function you need in a nice retractable unit.

Kitchen appliances that almost disappear

Black kitchen cabinets without handlesLook in the gallery

New kitchen appliances that almost disappear in the cabinet have made it possible to have an invisible kitchen. Without hardware or handles, this Miele dishwasher makes a kitchen super slim.

A drawer microwave is a safe and stylish option

A Drawer Microwave is a Safe and Stylish OptionLook in the gallery

Choosing a built-in microwave makes it stylish, and if it’s a drawer model from Thermador, it’s safe too. The drawer style is lower and makes it easy to use, especially with the mechanism that prevents the fingers from getting caught in the closing door.

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