The best firm mattress in 2021

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To help you find the right firm mattress and dive into interrupted sleep, we have rounded up what we believe are the 13 best firm mattresses money can buy!

We rated each choice on our list based on the level of support, versatility, quality, price / value, craftsmanship, customer feedback and more.

Did you know that sleeping on a firm mattress can relieve many of the symptoms we attribute to the aging process, such as back pain, grogginess and morning pain?

While it may seem counterintuitive, choosing a mattress with firm support can actually provide more comfort over cloud-like softness.

This is largely due to the body’s need for core support, even weight distribution and tendency to switch between sleeping positions.

In fact, a firm mattress has easier space for changing sleeping positions than a mattress with minimal support, especially for side and combination sleepers.

See our guide to the latest from Leesa mattress, Tempur-Pedic and Amazon Exclusive FLIP from Nest Bedding – with pressure point adaptation of memory foam, multi-layer hybrid settings and innovative double-sided designs.

See the 13 best firm mattresses below

Fixed mattress Buyer’s guide

Sleeping on a firm mattress can provide a range of health and wellness benefits, ranging from opening the airways and promoting restful sleep to reducing chronic pain and promoting optimal alignment of the spine.

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Choosing the right option is among the most effective steps you can take to achieve your best sleep habits.

Now that we have shared our top picks for the best firm mattresses available, let’s discuss the criteria that went into our picks with a helpful buyer’s guide.

Consider side, back and stomach sleep options when choosing the ideal firm mattress

While a firm mattress can provide greater support for any sleeping cabin, it is important to consider your preferences before choosing the right one.

Side and combination sleepers benefit from a firm mattress that contains a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam (such as the Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress), while abdominal sleepers benefit from traditionally firm designs that do not suffocate or sink all night.

Although less common, the back sills enjoy an extra firm mattress that supports the spine and helps open the airways for unlimited sleep, such as the Edow 8-inch firm foam mattress.

Balance is the key

The ideal firm mattress offers balanced support without relaxing or sinking, and today’s hybrids, memory foam and latex mattresses are able to achieve this balance with more comfort than traditional box spring alternatives.

Options such as Leesa Hybrid Mattress and FLIP from Nest Bedding offer support for every area of ​​the body along with the versatility to accommodate a variety of sleep styles.

Even weight distribution and core support

Look for a mattress that supports the core of your body, which means achieving optimal alignment of the neck, back and hips to achieve the best possible sleeping position.

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In addition to adjusting the core, it is important to choose a mattress that distributes the weight and tension evenly throughout the body – leaving no negative spaces (such as a collapsing lower back).

A mattress cover, such as the Tempur-Pedic Proform Topper Supreme, can help achieve an even weight distribution, while seamlessly adapting to any negative space to adjust the core of the body and improve the posture of sleep.

Because we spend a third of our lives asleep and eight hours a night in various positions, improving sleep position can be an extremely effective way to relieve body aches and maintain proper body alignment throughout the day.

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