The Best Small Space Furniture Stores Of The Decade For Studio Apartments

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If you are looking for apartment furniture then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of places to buy studio apartment furniture, you just need to know where to look. That’s what we’re here for.

studio apartment furniture store

We will tell you a few secrets on how to find small room furniture that you may not have thought of before. Not to mention, lead you directly to some of the best places to buy apartment furniture.

Best furniture in small spaces

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be easy to get attracted to sections and large dining tables. But if you have a small room, you will want small room furniture. So there will be a problem.

When all you see is huge furniture that is attractive and enticing, it’s hard not to want it. I mean, sections are great, and large tables make you want to hold a dinner party. But it does not have to be that way.

Fortunately, there are still many stores with amazing little room furniture out there. Let’s look at some of the most reliable places to buy small room furniture so you can decorate your home in style.


Wayfair small apartment furnitureSee in gallery
image from Wayfair instagram

You really can not go wrong with Wayfair. The store has some of the best sales imaginable, has the widest variety out there and is all online. This means that it does not matter where you live because you can shop at Wayfair.

The store is relatively new to many people, but it has been around for twenty years. On their website you can buy name tags, the furniture you find in outlet stores, and exclusive Wayfair furniture.

Board and lodging

Room and board Apartment furnitureSee in gallery
iamge from Room And Board instagram

Room and Board has a section specifically for small furniture. Not only do they have some resources to learn how to use small spaces, but they also have sections where you can only shop for small furniture.

There is a living room section, bedroom section, dining room section, outdoor section and storage section. With their prices, you can easily decorate your entire house with only the sections they have in their store.


Ikea small furnitureSee in gallery
image from IKEA instagram

Let’s be honest, IKEA will always be one go to furniture store for any type of home. That may be the goal of memes and jokes when it comes to their products being difficult to put together, but there is no shortage of furniture.

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They do not necessarily specialize in any kind of furniture because what they offer is so wide that it would be impossible to do so. Instead, they offer everything you could need to decorate your home.


APT2B ideas for designing small apartment furnitureSee in gallery
image from APT2B instagram

Are you looking for some of the most impressive furniture at impressive prices? APT2B has furniture that is actually intended for apartments, hence the name. Their prices are good for what they have, even though what they have is exclusive furniture.

So if you can afford high prices, you will fall in love with some of the apartment furniture on APT2B. They have small sofas, chairs, loveeats and more for every room in the small apartment you have.

Box And Barrel

Crate And Barrel furniture decorSee in gallery
image from Crate And Barrelinstagram

Crate and Barrel has a complete guide to choosing small furniture. So of course they have some great little space choices. They suggest scaling the furniture to the size of your room. Which makes a lot of sense.

They also suggest using mirrors and extending your space, both on the floor and from floor to ceiling. These are great tips that can be improved with some of their furniture that has been catered for this particular situation.

West Elm

West Elm furniture store for studio apartmentsSee in gallery
photo from West Elm instagram

West Elm is truly a special place. Everything they have in stock is amazing, trendy and versatile. If you want something less standard and more alluring, go with West Elm because they specialize in art.

Not wall art per se, but rather furniture that is art. They are proud to offer trendy modern furniture in many different colors and patterns. So if you want to know what’s going on, take a look at West Elm.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn furniture for small spacesSee in gallery
image from Pottery Barn instagram

So when you were a kid, you probably never imagined you would have to shop at Pottery Barn because that’s where your parents shopped or because it seemed too high-end for you. But today it has become a staple.

Not only do they mass-produce huge pieces of furniture, but they make sure everyone is included. Make sure to keep an eye on sales because they have up to 80% discount on sales often and you will not miss them.


bathroom cabinet with oval mirrorSee in gallery
image from CB2 instagram

This one is a little difficult. You may not always find the small room furniture you are looking for here, but it is always worth a look. CB2 has modern furniture, and as minimalism becomes more modern, there will be more options.

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So this is one of those who keeps an eye on. Their furniture can get expensive, so if you have a tight budget, this might not be a good place to start. That said, you can make a very impressive setup with their furniture.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters stylish little furniture storeSee in gallery
photo from Urban Outfitters instagram

Urban Outfitters is perfect for those looking for something young. You will not find your grandmother’s furniture here because they specialize in youthful appearances, whether it be furniture or clothing.

Yes, it’s Urban Outfitters. They sell both clothes and furniture. They have also been around since 1970, so they have a lot of experience with young people over fifty decades. Yes, it’s a lot of diversity.


single bed with small closet and deskSee in gallery
image from Muji instagram

Do you love Marie Kondo? Well, you can be inspired by the Japanese aesthetic with this Japanese furniture store called Muji. Just be careful that they do not just sell furniture because they are a department store.

So when you are looking for your minimalist small apartment furniture, you may end up getting some other things to take home as well. This is the trap of department stores, you have to visit each department before you leave.

Open spaces

Open spacesSee in gallery
image from Open Spaces instagram

Are you trying to stay clean and organized so you can have more space in your small apartment? That’s what Open Spaces is for. You can buy all kinds of storage space and organizers at Open Spaces to really open up your space.

Of course, this can work for large spaces, but it is intended for small spaces that need more space. So when buying your furniture, do not forget to buy storage and organization helpers for your small space.


kitchen with round tableSee in gallery
image from Hayneedle instagram

You may have never heard of Hayneedle, but you certainly should. They have some of the best alternatives to sofas out there because their loveeat collections are amazing. Have you ever considered using a love seat?

You can use one instead of a sofa or section in a small apartment and it will look like it was meant to. A great place to start for affordable, modern loveeats is Hayneedle. So take a look today for your loveeat.

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Find furniture in small spaces

If you have searched through these stores and still have not found what you are looking for, do not lose hope. Your dream furniture is out there somewhere. Just know that the longer it takes, the more special it becomes.

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Need some tips on how to find small furniture? Or maybe about how to take advantage of what you can find in standard furniture stores. Take a look at these key points.

  • Scale down – if you want a sofa and a table, then you can still have the same aesthetic with loveeats and end tables instead. This will have the same effect without using the prices or having room for the larger items.
  • Use Multi-Purpose -multifunction furniture may be the answer to your small space problems. Folding furniture can make a huge difference. You can have larger furniture if it is multi-purpose.
  • Think out of the box – look for RV furniture if you are still wondering which direction to take. Of course, there are other options as well, but tiny home furniture can work in any home, even a simple little house.
  • Does not overclutter – do not shop for a bunch of knickknacks, otherwise you will lose space for your furniture. You can free up space for the necessities if you tidy up your home. Yes, we are back to refer to Marie Kondo again.
  • Shop plants and lighting – the more your home looks like it is outdoors, the bigger it will look. So every time you shop, look for good lighting, beautiful curtains and some plants to bring life to the area.
  • Mirrors, just mirrors – we have mentioned this before, but it is important enough to mention again. Use mirrors whenever you can to open up the room. This will give the illusion of more space in small spaces.

When it comes to small spaces, it takes small steps and big plans to overcome them. Sometimes a small space can be even more inviting than a large one. So get creative and start buying those key pieces of furniture.

Who knows what will happen? Maybe you start a new trend in the neighborhood. People will try to make their large spaces look smaller to warm them up and make people feel welcome in their homes.

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