The Best Tips to Design Your Pooja Room According to Vastu

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Your pooja room is a sacred space in your home – a space for meditation, tranquility and positivity. This positive energy is known to provide energy to the mind, body and soul throughout the household. Religious books, idols, images of deities and other spiritual possessions that you keep in this room must be protected from negative energies. So it makes sense to design this venerable space in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra. Whether it’s a room or just a shelf in a room, how do you make your mandir Vastu compatible? Let’s take a look at some of the most practical Vastu tips for pooja room.

Identify the right direction and location

According to the Vastu principles, the northeast is the divine direction, and you must place your prayer room in that direction. This is intended to channel maximum energy from the sun. If this space is not available, you can place the pooja room in the eastern or northern corner of your home. But never south. You must face east or north while worshiping. If yours is a multi-storey house, it is a good practice to keep the pooja room on the ground floor. Assuming you have a large plot or hall, place the pooja area in the center, also known as Brahmasthan.

Avoid keeping a pooja room in the storage room, basement or upper floors if you have a choice. It should also not be placed under the stairs. Also, avoid the bedroom unless there is no other option. If your pooja room is in the bedroom, position your bed so that your feet do not point towards this corner. Keep the pooja corner away from the bathrooms and kitchen.

pooja room directions
Doors to the Pooja room

If you have a separate room, you should consider keeping a two-door shutter. Keeping doors and windows on the north or east wall is ideal for the pooja room.

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pooja room door

You can also go for double doors even if you have a small pooja device like the one in the picture below.

pooja devices

The ideal structure in the Pooja room

A pooja room should mimic the gopura of a temple with a pyramid-shaped top. If you can not change the structure of the house, you can buy a wooden or marble pooja shelf with a pyramid top. These are available in lots of designs on the market today.

In temples, you must have noticed a threshold on the floor that you step over when you enter. Bring the same threshold into your pooja room to keep insects and ants away.

idols for pooja space

Location of idols and photos

Vastu principles do not prescribe the storage of idols in a pooja room. Instead, they recommend keeping photos. But if you have to, as is common practice, place your idols and photographs on the east or west side of the room. Place them a few inches away from the wall so that air, water and incense scent spread around. Idols should not be placed against each other. The feet of the idols should be at your chest level when you sit down to meditate.

where one can place an idols in the pooja room

Storage in the Pooja room

Store your pooja accessories such as lamps, oils, books, etc. on shelves on the south or west wall. Do not place anything over the idols.

pooja room storage

Vast colors for the Pooja room

White and bright yellow or bright blues work well in a pooja room and create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes positive thoughts. Stay away from high colors that distract you while you meditate.

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Vastu colors for pooja room

Pooja Room Lighting

Prayer lamps and diyas should be lit in front of the idols or photos. Place pooja corner in a room that is naturally lit. If there is not enough natural light, illuminate the room from all sides, especially the southeast or east side.

pooja room lighting according to vastu
Pooja room cleanliness

Remember to keep your pooja room dust and dirt free, remove broken idols or cracked photographs from the room. If you offer food under beans and bhajans, remember to remove them after a while and clean the area with a wet cloth.

Do not use the pooja space for any other purpose or to store additional home items. Keep it clear and rootless at all times. Check out these 10 tips for cleaning the pooja room clean.

Pooja room cleanliness

Work with a professional design company to plan your auspicious pooja room according to the Vastu principles and tastefully too. The design experts at HomeLane are skilled at designing pooja rooms in Indian homes using the right logic, colors and materials – why not talk to them for a consultation now?

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