The future of the home office in Post Covid

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To say that Covid-19 turned our lives upside down would be an understatement. The Corona virus pandemic forced many companies to switch to teleworking, which also came with its pitfalls. We all hoped that this migration would be temporary and we would soon be back in our offices, but it seems that the work culture from home has come to stay.

Some of the biggest obstacles to working from home are optimizing your existing space, creating some boundaries and finding a balance between your work life and your private life. If you live with a family – for example your partner and your children – it will be even harder to cut some space for yourself where you would be uninterrupted and undisturbed during working hours.

Setting up a home office does not have to be a lengthy and costly process. You may not have access to all the fancy furniture you had at work, but that does not mean you can not set up a home office for yourself. You do not need large and clumsy desks that take up too much space. With the right kind of home office furniture, you can create your dream work area at home. Here are three simple tips to help you set up a home office even in the smallest of spaces. And you do not have to compromise on style either!

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Has a dedicated home office space

You may have started working on your bed or at the dining table in your living room, but now that working from home is the new normal, it should be your priority to set up a dedicated home office. Save yourself the hassle of getting the necessary furniture to set up your own mini-home office in a quiet and well-lit area of ​​your house. Whether it is in your bedroom or in your living room, make sure you have what is absolutely necessary at a home office, like a table and a chair. It is best located by a window so you can get fresh air.

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Use vertical spaces

If you do not have an area wide enough to set up an L-shaped desk, look for desks that are aligned for vertical storage. When your floor space is limited, shelves above your desk are a great way to accommodate all your office needs like files and folders, stationery, cables and chargers and more. If this is not something you are looking for a shelf on the wall yet, look for stand-alone and freestanding desks that include vertical shelves. You can lean this desk up against the wall and use the space under the desk to store multiple supplies. Some vertical desks are also adjustable so you can work in both sitting and standing positions.

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Floating desks are your friends

If space is tight and you do not have the luxury of installing an entire desk in your home office, do not worry; floating desks are perfect additions even in the smallest and narrowest spaces. No matter how cramped your living space is, a floating desk makes it easy to create a space for yourself without adding large furniture. Some floating desks also have shelves that are hidden when the desk is folded up again. Floating desks and shelves are not only amazingly space saving, but are also very cost effective. So if you have a budget, check adjustable floating desks or shelves to work from home.

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Avoid clutter

When you work from home, distractions and interruptions may already be at their peak, so the last thing you need is a workstation that goes on too much. If you like working in a clean, crowded room, look for a compact study table with minimal storage. Tables with closed storage and drawers work best in such cases as they keep the clutter out of sight. All your extra notebooks, devices, files, etc. are kept out of sight but remain easily accessible. If you are someone who works with very few extra accessories – just you and your laptop – a simple, sleek study desk is all you need to set up your home office.

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Regardless of your home situation, with the right furniture and home decor pieces, you can personalize any room and make it your own. If this is your first time working from home and you are not sure where to start, book a free online consultation with the design experts at HomeLane to create the home office of your dreams. From space-saving minimalist work tables and chairs to fully-fledged workstation units, the home office furniture at HomeLane will make working from home a hassle-free and comfortable experience.

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