What is a composite granite sink? and its value

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Although every room in the house is important for those looking for houses and those who already have one, the kitchen has proven to be the biggest selling point. But it is no longer just about countertops.

What is a composite granite sink

The kitchen sink becomes more important as several different types of kitchen sinks are used. One of the unique types of kitchen sinks is the composite granite sink, which not many people know about.

What is a composite granite sink?

What is a composite granite sink

Composite granite is an engineered blend of crushed quartz, rock dust, and acrylic resins that is compressed into a solid piece. It is about 90% stone and only 10% resin. Although this ratio varies depending on the manufacturer.

It was invented as a way to create a durable and environmentally friendly countertop and sink. Today, the popularity of composite granite is soaring. Both for countertops and for sinks, which is a recent addition to the composite granite family.

Advantages and disadvantages of a composite granite sink

The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

Everything has pros and cons, it is simply a fact. When it comes to composite granite sinks, the list of pros and cons has easy to layout. These are the most common pros and cons mentioned about composite granite sinks.

Pro: Stain resistant

This is a pro that is not so debatable. While some types of countertops and sinks are fairly susceptible to stains, granite composite is not. Because it is non-porous and tightly packed, there is not much room for stains to seep in.

Not to mention, a good sealer is usually added to the top and polishing can also keep stains away. This applies to other sinks in natural stone, but granite composite sinks really go beyond this.

Disadvantage: Less heat resistant

This can be discussed. While some people swear that their granite composite sinks do not have and can not burn, others say they have had problems with heat. They are supposed to withstand up to 500 degrees of heat.

However, they must not stain or have burn marks, but they have been known to crack if they are under sudden heat. For example, a composite granite can crack by leaving a hot pot in the cold wash.

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Pro: Versatility

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Granite composite sinks are available in all different colors, patterns, and styles. When it comes to granite sinks, you can only get what is found naturally. When it comes to steel or ceramic sinks, the options are few and far between.

But when it comes to composite granite sinks, things are different. Because they are made of crushed stone, they can be adapted to any color or pattern, often creating a unique washbasin.

With: Non-authentic

Yes, if you want a real granite sink, this type of sink may not be your best alternative. Saving money for a real granite sink is the only thing that will get you the look you want. But hopefully, you are willing to compromise.

Some people even prefer the look of the non-authentic composite granite over the real thing. Not everyone does, which makes sense because granite is highly sought after and one of the best sinks out there.

Advantage: Uniformity

Real granite is not uniform. That’s what it is. So if uniformity is important to you, then you will use composite granite instead. It can look neat and clean rather than natural and messy. Both looks are beautiful.

It all depends on what look you prefer. The right company can even make specific designs in the composite granite, but for the most part, it is a simple and pleasantly uniform grain that attracts people to it.

Disadvantage: Weight

Granite composite sinks are very heavy. Not necessarily heavier than granite, but about the same, only sometimes heavier. But the point is that it is more difficult to install them because of this fact. They are heavy.

This is important because they are difficult to pull around and because you will need extra load-bearing support under them. So you need a professional to build a frame in the closet to support the sink.

Benefit: Cost

Composite granite sinks usually cost less than a natural granite sink. Much less indeed. But this is just general. Because the cheapest granite sink will be smaller than the most expensive composite granite sink

But in general, “fake granite” will be cheaper than real granite. This only makes sense. Although you can not get an exact copy of granite, you can get fairly close by using composite granite sinks, the cheaper granite.

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Disadvantage: Not forgiving

Although some sinks are soft enough for you to drop something in them and have no consequences, composite granite sinks are not. If you lose something, you can pay for it with a crack in the dish.

The sinks should be fine with the shock, but there are no studs and no cushion. Bounce is completely eliminated with the extra support needed for the heavy wash. So this is a double con with that!

How to clean a composite granite kitchen sink

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This is probably the first question that people realize they have after installing a composite kitchen sink. Cleaning a granite composite sink is not the same as cleaning a ceramic or stainless steel sink.

But that does not mean that it is difficult to clean one. You just need to know how to take care of your sink and the steps you need to take when cleaning it to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Because it is very possible.

Do not use chemicals

Do not use chemicals on your composite granite sink. These sinks can sometimes handle some chemicals, but it is much safer to avoid them altogether. They can break down the materials in the sink and even leave marks.

Instead, we have found a few techniques you can use to clean your sink and keep it that way. We will talk more about which drugs work well and are safe to use. But first, an important note to remember.

Always dry wash after use

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Do you notice a blurry film on your sink that appears randomly or even one that tends to stick? It is easy to take care of by simply keeping the sink clean. This is not a one-time spot, this is a build.

Most of the time it is due to soap scum or mineral deposits. When using your sink or emptying it, be sure to wash it well and wipe the sides so that no inch is left untouched by the scrubber.

Use dish soap

Dishwashing soap is the first thing you need to try to clean your sink. Composite granite sinks can usually be cleaned well with hot water and dish soap. This is the easiest and cheapest way to clean your sink.

Be sure to use plenty of detergents and more importantly, be sure to wash out the detergent when you are done. Because even this residue can leave soapy foam, be sure to rinse it out.

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Baking soda and vinegar

If you have trouble keeping your sink clean, consider weekly cleaning with baking soda and vinegar. This couple can do just about anything and is perhaps the most powerful cleaning duo in your home.

Vinegar acts to break down stains and minerals, while baking powder acts as an abrasive. The two together can clean almost any composite granite sink from just about any kind of stains.

Avoid heat for washing in high resin

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This in turn can be discussed, but it is believed that it is because it depends on the amount of resin in the sink. Companies that use 5% resin for 95% stone usually do not have a problem with heat. But others cannot say the same.

This is because the drains with 10-20% resin in their makeup will melt when exposed to heat. The resin melts and when this happens the sink may fall apart. So call and ask the manufacturer how much resin they use.

Apply sealants and polish

Finally, this step is one you need to take with care because not all sealing machines work for composite granite and not all can be used in the kitchen. So be sure to use a good sealer that is for sinks and countertops.

If you do not feel comfortable using a sealer at all, you can simply polish your wash. Polishing takes some time, but it can seal your granite and keep it smooth. However, it must be done regularly.

Choice of a granite sink

Choosing a granite composite sink is not always easy. Who knows what is the best solution for your kitchen sink? Only you. Some people fall in love with composite granite, while others tend to replace it shortly after.

It all depends on what you are looking for. So do your research before buying a sink to make sure you are getting the right one for you and not for someone else. Your wash can be a selling point, but you must first sell it to yourself.

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