The YouTube app for Xbox finally gets HDR support

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Xbox users can finally enjoy YouTube videos with HDR, like Microsoft make possible the video format on its game consoles.

HDR has been curiously missing from the YouTube app for Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X for some time now, while both Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video service have been using it.

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HDR videos stand for high dynamic range and are brighter and more vivid with a wider range of highlights and shadows in each scene. It is usually easy to spot when a device such as a game console switches to HDR, as the image becomes noticeably brighter. Some televisions also inform the viewer by briefly displaying an HDR icon.

HDR video is available on the YouTube app in the Xbox One console area, as well as the new Xbox Series S and Series S. HDR for YouTube is not available on the original Xbox One console, only the later S and X variants and the new ‘Series’ devices.

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But there are some differences in what each console is capable of. For example, the older and less powerful Xbox One S broadcasts HDR video at 60 frames per second and with a resolution of 1440p, while the flagship Xbox Series X turns the resolution into 4K as long as that YouTube video is uploaded in 4K.

How much of a difference the addition of HDR to your view depends on the acidic material. Some HDR content on Netflix does not look very different from SDR video (standard dynamic range), while some on Prime Video look more impressive. With YouTube, it depends on how the video is made and what effort the creator has made to leverage what HDR is capable of.

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Of course, getting HDR to work on your Xbox also depends on the TV to which it is connected and which must support HDR. If connected to an audio bar or other home theater system, also make sure that HDR is supported on that device and that compatible HDMI 2.0 cables are used everywhere.

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