These exclient 20 kitchen curtains will light up-

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If you want to add a little new style and energy to the kitchen, you have come to the right place. Pay attention to the windows, if they need any dressing or at least a change, we have a complete list of 20 kitchen curtains that will immediately light up, light up and be restored!

1. Peekaboo prints

    Kitchen curtains

This small window is perfectly dressed with a subtle, black and white print that is draped just as well. It’s a unique setup, but one that is also a bit vintage in style.

Piece of wood

Kitchen wood piece used as curtain

Protect the sun away with this super quirky idea. A piece of wood for a rustic appeal may not be an actual curtain, but it does dress the window anyway. {found on athomeonthebay}.

3. Clasped Whimsy

Clasped Whimsy

We love the beachy ambiance in this window styling. It adds an extra kind of fashion and luxury to the breakfast area and also provides some coverage when you need it.

4. Classic roll

Modern kitchen roll design

If you’re looking for a little classic inspiration, check out this rolling, simple print that speeds up this white and bright modern kitchen … just right!

5. Golden Royale

Golden kitchen curtain for window

Fill your kitchen with some royal essences by contrasting the neutral space with gold and draping it all just right. Really pay attention to getting a thicker, heavier fabric when creating the same look.

6. Roman Shades

Roman shades for kitchen

Roman shades – in all colors and prints – also work in the kitchen. Just start by imagining the final product before making any choices.

7. Cafe looks like

Caffe style kitchen curtain

Made with a café bar at eye level, this look gives your room an extra special Euro flair. We love its quirky aspect and romantic appeal too.

Whimsical scallop

Whimsical scallop

This vintage space is topped right off with this light and airy frayed piece. With a whimsical vibe, your window dressing should help transform the kitchen into your ultimate vision.

9. Color blocked

Color block kitchen curtain

Here is a beautiful, modern example of how to dress the dining area in the kitchen. You get natural light all day and are able to cover it at night for the dinner party. {found on tobifairley}.

10. Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns for kitchen curtains

For a little extra funk and personality, consider mixing and matching some exciting prints. Above the sink and on the door there is so much style and fun here. {found on debracampbelldesign}.

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11. Burlap Sacks

Jute kitchen curtain

If you are creating a farmhouse kitchen full of texture, why not put some egg sacks over the windows? It adds dimension and surprise.

12. White tradition

Pure white kitchen curtain

Sometimes all white is the right way to go. It is classic and timeless, and it provides both the coverage and illusion you need.

13. voluminous flowers

Colorful flower kitchen curtainLook in the gallery

Do not be afraid to go with something magnificent if it suits the space and your vision. Just look how beautiful this kitchen and dining area will be with the extra window dressing!

14. Sharp blinds

Green crips blindsLook in the gallery

Blind curtains with a light pattern can add a sharp edge to modern or preppy-inspired kitchen. For those who like minimalism or simplicity, this is for you!

15. Trellis panels

Trellis panelsLook in the gallery

Check out these chic lattice panels with lattice patterns that surround this modern kitchen. It has a posh appeal and feminine flair that we are attracted to.

16. Floor to ceiling

Kitchen bay curtainsLook in the gallery

Options from floor to ceiling are also for the kitchen to the bay windows. Just look at this magnificent room and its use of cranberries, extra long curtains.

17. Pure pattern

Clean pattern for kitchenLook in the gallery

If you like a clean curtain but want something with a little more style, take one with a pattern. Just check out this modern design here!

18. Full treatment

These exclient 20 kitchen curtains will light up- allbesthome.comLook in the gallery

Here is a kitchen that gave the windows full treatment. You see both blinds and a beautiful, royal blue curtain that dresses the area.

19. Exotic tradition

Exotic kitchen curtainsLook in the gallery

Between the exotic flowers and the traditional spirit, we love the uniqueness of this dining kitchen. Just look at that window treatment!

20. Coffee top

Striped kitchen curtainLook in the gallery

Check out this coffee shop topping! We are in love with this vintage, adorable addition to the kitchen. What a unique way to dress your windows!

DIY curtain ideas that can be adapted to the kitchen:

Make A Quick and Easy Window ValanceLook in the gallery

While it may not make much sense to put a valance in the kitchen, this is certainly an idea that could really fit this space. A window balance can look really nice and hanging it can potentially also be super easy if you e.g. Has a couple of wall mounted cabinets to attach it to. Go over to onegoodthingbyjillee to find out more about this cool idea.

The Mister Made Easy No Sew CurtainsLook in the gallery

The idea of ​​having to make new curtains for the kitchen can be discouraging for many people, especially because most curtains require sewing. However, there are ways you can get around it. See e.g. These stunning non-sewn curtains from savvy’s Southernstyle. They are really easy to make and this can be a great weekend project that you can do next.

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White Laundry Room Makeover Progress Green BarnlightLook in the gallery

This rolled fabric screen can also be made without sewing. Something like this can look super nice in a room like a kitchen or a laundry room where there is really no need to cover the windows.

It’s mostly just a decorative window treatment, something that makes the room feel more inviting, a way to add a little texture and color to the decor. Check out the instructions for this non-sewn fabric shade on the inspired space if you are interested in making something like this.

Easy DIY No Sew Curtain Panels 2 Artsy Chicks RuleLook in the gallery

If you prefer something a little more classic, how about some simple curtain panels? If your kitchen has windows without furniture or appliances just below this, it can actually look really good and can give the room a more refined and warm feeling that resembles a sitting area.

Like the idea presented earlier, these are non-sewn curtain panels and you can find out all about them in a tutorial shown on artsychicksrule. You can make these from any type of fabric you like and make them as long or as short as you want them to fit well in your kitchen.

DIY Curtain RodsLook in the gallery

It is not only the curtains that matter, but also the mounting hardware. Curtain rods are an easy option because they are very versatile. Also, if you can not find a rod that is just the right size, or if you want to save some money, you can actually make one yourself. You can use a long wooden dowel and a few table tennis balls for that. It is actually a perfect idea for small windows like the one in the kitchen and for light curtains and other window treatments. Go over to shineyourlightblog to see how this cool curtain rod can be made from scratch.


Carafes are known to pose a few challenges when it comes to hanging curtains and other window treatments. If you have a bay window in your kitchen, you are probably using this area as a cozy sitting area or as a dining area, and the area would look much nicer if you were to frame it with long curtains.

The trick is to connect the curtain rods to each window and make them curve around the corners for a nice and continuous look. It is all explained in the guide that you can find on domesticimperfection.

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How to Sew Lined Back Tab CurtainsLook in the gallery

If you want to add clothing to your curtains that adds an extra step to the whole process. Similarly, if you want to go for the back-tab technique that complicates things even more. However, it is not difficult to make curtained rear deck curtains. It is simply a little more tedious and it involves many steps and a lot of patience.

However, the result is really beautiful when done right. You can use this style for any room, including the kitchen, so be sure to check out this super detailed guide from viewalongtheway if you are a fan of this type of curtain.

HOW TO MAKE CURTAINSLook in the gallery

It is quite easy to make basic curtains even when the sewing machine is involved. It does not take long to understand the whole process and if you follow the steps from this tutorial, everything will become very clear.

First you choose the fabric, then you measure it and cut it to size, you iron the edges, sew them and finally you hang the curtains up. Go over to domesticimperfection for more info and more useful tips.


Curtains can be used in more ways than one. You can think of them as window treatments, but also as room dividers. For example, if you have a bay window in your kitchen, you can make a few long curtains to hide this nook and create a separate small area.

They also add a lot to the decor of the room, even when open. This cool idea comes from homestoriesatoz, so go over there to see how these curtains were made.

simple no sew drapery panels cleverlyinpiredLook in the gallery

A few simple curtain panels and a piece of trim can potentially change the look of the entire kitchen. This is also an idea that you can use for other spaces as well. Making these curtains is super easy and the process starts with choosing the type of fabric you want to use.

Choose a color and print that suits the style and look of your kitchen. It could be fun to go with a bold print, but neutral colors and monochrome designs also have their charm. Check smart-inspired to see how the rest of the project is going.

Greek Key Curtains WMLook in the gallery

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can create your own design for the curtains so you do not necessarily have to look for the exact pattern or print when shopping fabric.

For example, you can use ribbons to add a cool design to a plain and simple kitchen curtain. It’s actually quite light and it does not require much supplies. You can find out all the details in the guide at viewalongtheway. Based on that, you can come up with your own unique design if you want to try something different and special.

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