Top 10 Best Butter Knife Reviews 2022

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If you have searched for best butter knives to your drawer, then you have come to the right place. We tested 31 knives and spread butter, jam and peanut butter on lots of bread. If you can not find a good butter knife here, you can not find one anywhere.

New Star Stainless Steel Windsor Pattern Dinner Knife

New Star Foodservice 58789 Stainless Steel Windsor Pattern Dinner Knife, 8.2-Inch, Set of 12

This set of 12 butter knives is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone you care about. The New Star Foodservice knives are made of 18/0 stainless steel for long-lasting quality products. The Windsor pattern with mirror finish produces a beautiful product that is fine enough for any restaurant, catering event or home dining. This small dinner knife in Windsor pattern is the perfect tool for any spread you might need, from butter to cream cheese to hummus.

ChefLand Dinner Butter Knife Legend Cutlery with light finish

ChefLand Dinner Butter Knife Legend Cutlery with light finish, 1-Dozen, stainless steel

ChefLand Dinner Butter Knife Legend Cutlery with a light finish is the perfect addition to your cutlery set. With 12 knives per. package you can easily stock a kitchen from your home for industrial size at a very affordable price. The 18/0 stainless steel and the light finish make every meal feel like a special event. These knives are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe and are unlikely to rust on regular use, making it the perfect knife for any busy family.

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New Star Slimline butter knife in stainless steel

New Star 58024 Slimline butter knife in stainless steel, 6.3 inches, set of 12 pcs.

A New Star Slimline stainless steel butter knife is a must-have for any cutlery set. The 12 sets make it easy to complete your home kitchen set, or order more to equip an entire kitchen or catering company. The sleek pattern and the unique cutting edge provide an elegant pattern that will elevate any dining experience. 18/0 stainless steel is dishwasher safe and will easily last as new for many years to come.

Butter knives with straight edge in stainless steel

Stainless steel Straight Edge Butter Cheese Cream Sandwich Spice spreading knives with wooden handles for kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, event guest serving (4 pack) from Super Z Outlet®

The reason for the stainless steel Straight Edge Butter Knife is my favorite and I think the best butter knife in the world is because of its wooden shaft. This knife is a must-have for any kitchen, with both a practical straight edge to spread and a serrated side to cut. The two-type edge makes this the ideal knife to spread spice on your bread and then cut it in half. These knives come in a set of four packs, perfect for your family to share.

Norpro stainless steel spreaders

Norpro 5447 spreaders in stainless steel, silver, set of 4 pcs

The polished stainless steel in Norpro Stainless Steel Spreaders is beautifully elegant for any occasion, from a simple breakfast at home with your family to a wedding event. Each package comes with four knives, perfect for your family, or order more to equip an entire catering company. The unique curve makes this the ideal knife to spread cream cheese or butter for breakfast and mustard, hummus or pâté on a party platter.

Wide sandwich and butter spreader in stainless steel

Update International Wide Stainless Steel Sandwich & Butter Spreader

An international wide sandwich and butter spreader in stainless steel is the perfect addition to your cutlery drawer. With packages that come in 1, 6, 8, 12 and even 24 – this is the perfect purchase for your personal kitchen or to equip a catering company. This is the ideal knife for spreading butter, cheese or other spices. The serrated blade allows for additional functionality, such as cutting the sandwich on which you have just spread the mustard. The unique wooden handle is easily recognizable in any pile of tools.

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Seikei butter knife spreader stainless steel knives

Seikei butter knife spreader stainless steel knives, set of 2

Two of these Seikei Stainless Steel Butter Spreaders are a great start to handling your spreading needs, whether it’s butter, hummus, cream cheese or something else. The two-pack is perfect for equipping your dining table with a knife at each end of the table. The unique curve and shape of the knives provide an elegant style while still being practical. Although elegant and unique, the style is still simple and will work well with any cutlery you already own.

IMEEA® Bistro butter knife

IMEEA® 4-piece classic spreaders, bistro butter knife, stainless steel knives, set of 4 (4, 6.5 inches)

IMEEA® 4-piece classic spreaders are just what you need to complete your elegant bistro cutlery at home. These 6.5-inch knives are perfect for spreading soft cheese, butter, mustard, frosting and more. Each order comes with four spreaders, perfect for your family’s set at home. These knives are small enough to take up minimal drawer space – ideal for the family who has too many tools and not enough space. The simple design allows them to be easily integrated into any kitchen.

Bakers and chefs dinner knives

Bakers and chefs dinner knives, Windsor

Ideal for those families who love to entertain, Bakers & Chefs Dinner Knives come 36 in a package. The stainless steel material guarantees a dishwasher safe knife that can be used over and over again. They are in mid-range stainless steel and not easily flexible – also ideal for a restaurant environment. You can not get a better deal for your money from plastic clothes or other heavier cutlery sets. Large kitchens or catering companies could also easily keep their stocks filled with these.

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Butter knife. Stainless steel spreader set

FlyingColors Laguiole butter knife.  Stainless steel spreader set, multi-colored handles, 6 pcs

This set of 6 FlyingColors Laguiole butter knives is the ideal gift for any new homeowner or recent graduate student. The butter spreaders come in six different, bright colors and are sold in a gift box, ready to use. These knives are dishwasher safe and are made of high quality stainless steel for long life. These bright knives are ideal for spreading cream cheese or hummus on a bagel or even frosting cupcakes for your next party.

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