Top 8 tips for eclectic home design

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Eclectic interior design is an ever-growing trend. They add quirkiness and a lively atmosphere to the room. The style requires great attention to detail to ensure that one does not go overboard with the different styles. The interior is less known to the public and takes time to adapt to the eyes of homeowners. With this unconventional style that creates all that life in the inner world, the experts at HomeLane show you a few tips to give you the right eclectic home decor in your home.

Choose a basic color

The color you choose for your home should pull the overall look together. Be sure to choose a solid color for your home instead of painting the walls in different rooms in different colors. You can add quirkiness with the decor you choose. Choosing too many colors for the walls can make it difficult to choose the decor. A uniform color on the walls allows you to choose eccentric colors for the decor.

Eclectic interior design

Add patterns to the style

Eclectic interior design can be well defined using a patterned decor. The use of patterned rugs or fabrics can subtly add design to the space. You can use geometric patterns, arabic patterns or even polka dot patterns to add vitality.

eclectic interior

Do not confuse eclectic with ‘Everything’

The eclectic interior style is often confused with adding a variety of things to a room. This is just a myth, people have about the style. When you put together a layered, eclectic look, it should not get messy. Avoid too many contrasts and randomness. Make sure that the pieces of furniture, the fabrics used and the rest of the decor fit well together.

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eclectic bedroom

Bring out these antiques

The eclectic interior style allows you to display all the antiques you have hidden away. However, make sure that you do not go overboard with the antiques as well. Choose a few that you love and that look well coordinated with the rest of the decor.

eclectic living room

Give the layout a thought

With so many tones, colors, textures and patterns, eclectic decor can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Before you go out looking for these decorative pieces, fabrics and textures, make sure you have a well-planned layout. Decide where each piece of furniture should be placed, as well as which fabrics go well with them before you go hunting for them!

eclectic home decor

Utility comes first

Before you take the beautiful chair up to your living room, pause and think about whether it is comfortable to sit on, whether it takes up too much space in the room, or whether it can make the room look cluttered. Everything you choose for your home should serve a specific purpose (if not multifunctional). Decorative pieces should not be chosen only for the design. This is the most common mistake that homeowners make when they go for the eclectic home designs. Remember that the room is meant to be lived in!

eclectic interior

Maintain consistency

While determining the decor for all the rooms in your home, make sure that all the rooms blend well together. This style works best when the rooms complement each other. By creating a flow, rooms do not look separated.

eclectic spaces

Let your eyes lie down

It takes time to get used to major changes in your home. If you have changed the decor of your home to an eclectic one and find that you do not like it, you can try living with the new design and decor for a while. You may find that you start to like it more when you live in the room. You can always make the necessary changes that suit you and your lifestyle along the way.

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eclectic homes

Eclectic interiors help you add a touch of your personality to the space you live in. Mix different styles, textures and patterns using the guidelines above to get the look and style you want. Get in touch with our experts at HomeLane to give your home an eclectic look!

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