TP-Link debuts new Kasa security cameras with 24/7

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2021-05-13 12:30:00

TP-Link is adding two new security cameras to its lineup, both of which are part of the Kasa brand and both support 24/7 recording. There are also two new Kasa Smart Wi-Fi smart plugs. to its line of smart plugs, one for indoor and outdoor use, and both work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Kasa Spot Security Camera

The first security camera is the Kasa Spot, at $ 44.99, which includes 2K HD video recording and the ability to capture movement or activity up to 30 feet away, even in the dark. The camera works 24/7 and features AI technology, which means it can recognize people while picking up movement and sound. There is also a built-in microphone and speaker.

When paired with the Kasa Smart app, the camera can send push alerts in the event of violation of activity zones or if settings relating to detection and trigger modes are enabled.

Video can be stored on a microSD card or in the cloud for 30 days if someone signs up for a Kasa Care subscription.

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Security Camera

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt security camera can record color video in very low light conditionsTP-Link

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Security Camera

The Kasa Spot Pan Tilt is a bit more expensive at $ 49.99 and also offers 2K HD video with 4MP resolution, which means if you zoom in you can still capture solid detail. There is a unique feature in this camera called Starlight Night Vision, which allows people to record color videos in very low light conditions. The camera can follow movement and keep the action in view, and you can also activate Patrol mode with the device, placing in specific areas that you want to monitor, which the camera will focus on at certain times.

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As with the Kasa Spot, video storage can be placed on a microSD card, or in the cloud for 30 days if someone purchases a Kasa Care subscription.

Kasa Smart app

All devices can be managed through the Kasa Smart appSure

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Socket

The new Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug is small and fits into one outlet without blocking other outlets – it’s not an uncommon problem. Controlled via the Kasa Smart app, devices connected to the new Mini Plug can then be managed and programmed. And the Mini Plug also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. (Apple HomeKit is not supported.)

These can be purchased for $ 12.99 for one, $ 16.99 for a two-pack, and $ 29.99 for a four-pack.

Kasa smart Wi-Fi outdoor socket

The new $ 24.99 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Socket has a Wi-Fi range of up to 90 meters, and the outlets can end up working together or being controlled by themselves. The Kasa Smart app controls devices plugged into the new outdoor Wi-Fi socket which has an IP64 weather rating and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


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