Trending Interior Design Themes in 2021

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2020 is likely to go down in history as the most challenging year of the century! But fortunately, every new year brings the promise of a new beginning and new hope for the future. We look forward to a better 2021 and are ready to check out the new trends in interior design for the coming year!

Here’s a sneak peek at our readers.


Yellow and gray

Pantone’s colors of the year have always reached the top of the designer’s look books everywhere, and this year is no exception. The sunny yellow of ‘Illuminating’ and the subtle shade of ‘Ultimate Gray’ will definitely make their mark in homes all over the world! Use this lovely duo to update and renew your rooms.

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Grandma Chic

Yes, it’s time to attack your grandmother’s ceiling again! Comfort and old-world charm trends, and your grandmother’s lace cans, vintage cutlery and paisley look make their appearance in upscale homes. Country-style lifestyles that are in harmony with nature have been repopulated with extra emphasis on handmade craft, embroidery and cottage themes.

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Tropical themes

Many of us have missed annual vacations in 2020, and the longing for tropical excursions has resulted in interiors inspired by rainforests and green landscapes. Think in terms of courtyards, vertical gardens and brown and green palettes that reflect the nuances of the earth.

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Colors are back!

It’s time for just minimalist aesthetics and all-white decor to take a step back. Colors are in and how! Warm colors are cozy and comforting, especially for work from home. Pops of burnt orange, peacock blue and emerald green will add warmth and liveliness to spaces. Expect playful shades of yellow and red to get in the center.

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Sustainability at the core

With the designers’ focus on sustainable practice, there is a need for furniture that is durable and durable, and which will stand the test of time. Design concepts will be worked around renewable materials, conservation of scarce resources and utilization of natural energy. Organic materials such as linen and cotton with natural dyes and chemical free finish are the key to achieving this design sensitivity. Jute, bamboo, rattan and sugar cane will be in trend.

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Multifunctional furniture

With millennia redefining ways we use furniture, designers need to think outside the box and innovate. Spaces are at a premium, and multifunctional furniture that maximizes the potential of free space is a trend that is happening. Look for seating that pulls out into a bed, embedded stools that save space, workplaces that can be folded up against the wall, or dining tables that can be expanded when extra guests arrive!

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Upcycle, Repurpose and Reclaim

Nostalgia is at its peak and this has led to the value of long-forgotten antiques. While your grandfather’s chair may not be able to be used as it is, it can be redesigned with a nice new gingham print for a modern upgrade. Give old cabinets a new life with some decoupage finish, and use recycled wood to make your floor panels. The more you can salvage, the better.

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The maximalism of the trend has its moment under the spotlight with interiors layered to tell a personal story. Memorabilia are displayed and personal preferences are highlighted, even if they do not fit in predefined colors or styles. Spaces can be cluttered with inconsistent elements – but each element in the space matters and makes its own statement.

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All white rooms

All-white interior dates itself. By 2020, too many people have had to visit hospitals, and clinical white is no longer a color they want to see around them. This year, try combining vibrant patterns, textures and colors to get away from the crisp white aesthetic.

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Accent walls

It is very likely that solid-colored blocked accent walls have also survived their popularity. They have been around for far too long and people have just gotten bored of this trend! Instead, try a distressed brick wall as a firewall in your room, and use natural and sustainable materials to complete the look.

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Matching furniture

Bedroom sets that follow the same patterns in the bed, side units, and dresser are no longer fashionable. Coordinated furniture from a showroom is now considered passé, and you should consider injecting a dose of personality with non-matching pieces that tell their own story.

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Metallic finish

A few years ago, textured wall with hints of silver or gold, brass taps and copper cutlery was all the rage. These metallic trends have now taken the back seat with an emphasis on worn, softer surfaces and raw, rustic structures.

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Striped wallpaper

Pinstripes and chevron pattern wallpaper are now an old story. Floral designs, detailed paisley prints or repetitive vintage patterns are what today’s wallpaper is all about. People will seek spaces that wisely combine the old and the new, where the antique pieces offer familiar comfort and the modern pieces add much-needed functionality.

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It goes without saying that when maximalism is trending, minimalism is on the way out. After over a decade of minimalism and clean, tidy interior, designers are now looking for decorative interiors that are individualized and vibrant. Curated decor adds a homely feel to each room, and each home personality continues to evolve over the years.

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Now that you’ve been looking at home decor trends in 2021, are you inspired to give your home a facelift? Call the HomeLane team, or visit the nearest HomeLane showroom, and let’s get started!

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