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It is very important to carry a knife safely.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is a good chance that you carry a knife around during your adventures.

They can be a great security tool as well as have lots of different uses when exploring outdoors.

But when walking around and exploring, it is best to have an ergonomic and safe way to carry your knife.

And for most people, that means getting quality from these gowns.

If you check out the market, you will find lots of different capes, which can be very overwhelming.

So to make things clearer for you, we will review the different types of these robes out there.

Read more to learn more.

How many different types of knife spoons are there?

The thing about these robes is that they do not have an objective categorization.

Many enthusiasts have their own way of distinguishing between the different types of gowns, so it is difficult to find an objective list of gown types.

Instead, they prefer to categorize these robes based on their wearing methods and materials.

There are lots of brands and manufacturers making different capes with different designs, which is why it is very difficult to classify them into different types.

So we take a look at the different ways that enthusiasts categorize the vagina, starting with the carrying method.

Carrying methods

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between different capes is through their wearing method.

Below are the most popular transportation methods that manufacturers use;

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Belt wear

Belt Carry

This is the most common method of transporting knives.

Most manufacturers make belt caps, and the most common designs involve the knife downward.

Horizontal carry

Horizontal Carry

This method is preferred for bushcrafters and other outdoor folks.

As the name suggests, these capes have the knife placed horizontally on the belt.

This gives you more space on the hip for movement and also allows you to carry more tools on your belt.

In addition to giving you more movement, this hides the knife better, which can be a game-changer depending on the situation you are facing.

Inside waist wear

Inside Waistband Carry

This is the most hidden method of carrying a knife.

With an inner waistband sheath, you stick the blade behind your waistband at the hip.

This is a great way to hide fixed blades and can be the best way to carry larger blades that need to be hidden.

That said, this wearing method sacrifices speed and convenience to better hide the blade.

Sheath materials

Manufacturers use a wide variety of materials for these sheaths, and this is without a doubt the most important factor for the construction of a sheath.

Remember that most blades are made of steel, which does not respond well to corrosive materials.

So when creating a knife spoon, most manufacturers try to use non-corrosive materials.

And while there is an endless list of mantle materials out there, here are some of the most popular options;


This is the most traditional choice for manufacturers.

But in these times, wooden spoons are not recommended for most owners.

While a wooden sheath offers a rustic and classic aesthetic, it is not an ideal sheath material.

Wood is very hard, and when you push your blade in and out, you run the risk of dulling the edge every time.

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This is also why wooden knife blocks are not recommended for most kitchen knives.

Wood also holds water for a long time, and if you put your knife in a wet jacket for a long time, there is a high risk that your blade will rust.

So even though they offer a cool aesthetic, we do not recommend using wooden spoons for your favorite knives.


Leather is a material that has been used for capes for a long time and it is without a doubt the best choice out there.

Good leather is hard, light and stiff enough to act as a knife sheath.

Another advantage of leather jackets is that they are quiet, which is very important in most tactical situations.

If you are out hunting, the sound of you removing a knife from the vagina can be heard by many animals and scare them away.

But with a leather jacket, you hardly have to worry about sound.

Another advantage is that leather has a great rustic aesthetic, as it is one of the oldest cladding materials used by manufacturers.

However, leather is not the most durable material available.

After a while, your leather jacket will eventually have to be replaced or replaced, which is why a lot of knife users avoid these jackets.


Kydex is a plastic material that is affordable, stiff and hard.

This is a good option for sheath manufacturers as it is easy to produce.

Kydex can do a good job of keeping moisture in check, so if you have an oiled blade, you can leave your knife in a Kydex jacket for a long time without worries.

However, Kydex can be quite high and therefore they are not ideal for tactical situations.

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And although the material is very durable, it dulls your blade because it is very hard, so you may need to sharpen your knives more often with a Kydex sheath.


Many manufacturers also use nylon, but it is far from the best material.

Nylon sheaths lack the toughness and stiffness to hold a knife, so they feel very flimsy.

So your knives will not exactly be protected from bending and other damage when you store them in a nylon sheath.


And with that, our guide stops.

It is difficult to investigate about these capes, especially since there are no objective categories for them.

Instead, distinguish between these robes based on their method of wearing and the materials used to make them.

We highly recommend a leather knife sheath, as this material treats your knife kindly, even if it is not the most durable solution.

Kydex is also a great material that is more durable than leather, but the material can also take a significant toll on your knives, so keep that in mind.

But when you find the right cape for you, you will find that it is much easier for you to carry your knife on adventures and take them out for use at just the right time.

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