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There are not too many kitchen skills that can drop the jaws the way slices can.

When you see a professional chef chopping and cooking ingredients at incredible speed with perfect precision, it’s hard not to sit in awe and just say “wow”.

However, not all of us can chop and cut like that, which is why there are lots of different cutters and slicing tools on the market today.

Fruits, vegetables and meat cutters have made life much easier for tons of chefs and professional chefs by streamlining the preparation process so they can focus on other things.

However, if you check the internet for different food cutters, you will find lots of different categories that can be downright confusing at times.

So to help you, we have made a guide to the types of slicers out there, what they are used for and when to use one in the kitchen.

If you find yourself stumped with the endless stream of options when it comes to slicers, you have come to the right place.

With the information in this article, you will be able to easily distinguish the different kinds of cutting machines and find the right one for your kitchen needs.

Read more to learn more.

Types of cutting machines

Cutters for all purposes

The universal cutter is not designed for specific ingredients.

Instead, the slicer is designed to handle a wide variety of ingredients, such as various fruits and vegetables.

Due to their versatility, universal cutting machines are a very useful tool for any kitchen.

Both professionals and home cooks can benefit from a home cutter, although they may be a little too large and impractical for some home cooks.

Ordinary slices have a variety of settings for different tasks, such as cutting, dicing, shredding, tickling and even kernels of certain ingredients.

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These cutting machines are typically equipped with a blade and pusher blocks that can be replaced depending on the tasks at hand.

A universal cutter can be used for peppers, onions, radishes, red cabbage, strawberries, bananas, cheese and even chicken breast.

A universal cutter is one of the most versatile tools to have in the kitchen and does a great job of increasing functionality and efficiency.

Due to their size, these slicers are best recommended for commercial and professional kitchens.


Mandolin slices

The mandolin is probably one of the most well-known extruders out there.

A mandolin cutter is very versatile and can handle a wide range of tasks and ingredients.

And these days, mandolins have different settings to achieve a different type of cut.

Some mandolins can cut, julienne and even chop certain ingredients.

A mandolin cutter has a rather unique design compared to other commercial cutting machines on the market.

Instead of using a push block, chefs need to slide the ingredients along the leaves to make slices.

Some mandolins come with pushers for added safety, while others come with gloves to protect your hands.

The knives on a mandolin are very sharp and therefore chefs and cooks are strongly advised to be careful when using a mandolin cutter to avoid accidents.

Mandolins are long and rectangular and sometimes have legs attached so you can place a bowl under the cutter.

A mandolin cutter is not designed to handle a particular ingredient, instead it can be used for a lot of different things from fruits, to vegetables, to cheese and even meat!

Core / wedges

Wheels and wedges are commonly seen in bars to make life easier for bartenders.

These tools are specially designed to remove the seeds of fruits such as apples and peaches.

Another use of these tools is to cut various fruits like oranges and lemons into kernels that can be used in dishes or as decorations for drinks.

There are many different types of kernels and wedges out there, and some are even designed to handle more specific tasks, such as peeling and kernels of a pineapple at the same time.

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A core or wedge in its design resembles all universal cutting machines with a set of knives and pusher blocks that can sometimes be replaced or adjusted.

If you make cocktails and want to make it easier by cutting fruit into wedges, or if you have a bar and want to increase efficiency, a corer and wedger would be great tools to have in the kitchen.

Salad cutters

salad cutter

As the name suggests, these tools are designed to shred, slice and slice lettuce.

Since the salad head is quite large, other slicers on the market will not be able to fit one in their mechanism.

Salad cutters, however, are made very large so that they can fit whole lettuce heads, but sometimes you still need to cut it in half if it is unusually large.

And since they are so large, they can even ingest larger ingredients, e.g. Boiled chicken breast or a whole lemon.

The machines are designed to cleanly cut, shred or chop lettuce to avoid bruising.

The problem with using other salad cutting machines is that they tend to crush the leaves resulting in bruises, which is not something you would want in a professional kitchen with high standards.

Tomato cutter

Tomatoes are notoriously difficult to cut.

And in a professional restaurant, carefully hand-cutting every single tomato can take too much time and effort.

If so, a tomato slicer would be a great tool available.

The pusher on these machines is curved so that it can accommodate the shape of the tomato.

One of the reasons tomatoes are so hard to cut is because they are very delicate.

So tomato cutters have very sharp leaves that can easily and cleanly cut through the fruit.

On top of tomatoes, these tools can also be sued for strawberries, mushrooms, oranges and other curved, delicate ingredients.

French roasting cutters

French roasting cutters

If you have a restaurant that serves french fries, you understand the struggle of chopping a potato into straight slices that would fit perfectly and cook evenly in the frying pan.

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Cutting french fries takes a lot of time, but the process can be streamlined using a french fries.

These are a reasonable niche tool, but for the right people, they can make a huge difference.

To use a French fryer, simply put the potato in, press down on the pusher, and the potato will be evenly cut and ready for frying.

Sometimes french fries come with different settings so you can have different types of french fries.

Onion cutters

Onions are hard to cut, especially for beginners.

Aside from the fact that you need precision when cutting an onion, onions release chemicals when cut into slices that cause people to tear up.

With an onion cutter, you do not have to worry about tearing when you cut it.

All you have to do is put the onion down, press it down and it will be finely chopped and ready for cooking.

Since these machines have very sharp leaves, they can also be used for tomatoes, lemons, oranges, celery and other delicate ingredients.


These are not the only types of cutters on the market, but they are by far the most popular out there.

When you buy kitchen cutters, these are the most common variations you will find.

A slicer is a great machine to have in both a professional and home kitchen as it makes the preparation process much faster and more efficient.

And now that you know all the different types of cutting machines, it will be much easier for you to find the right fit for your kitchen!

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