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If you are planning to buy or renovate your home, chances are you would have come across the term ‘Vastu’ and wondered what it’s all about!

Vastu Shastra is the traditional architectural science that provides advice on how to design and decorate the spaces in your home. Today, people recognize the inherent wisdom of our ancient sciences and understand the positive effects that can come from respecting our traditions.

These ancient writings, which describe design guidelines for any area of ​​our home, also have detailed mandates for the bathroom and toilet. The rooms where you bathe and stay clean are of particular importance, and precise instructions have been laid down for the Vastu compliance bathroom.

Why bathroom and toilet Vastu?

According to Vastu, bathrooms and toilets are often filled with negative energy as they are the places where waste is eliminated. By designing the bathroom by following Vastu and taking care to maintain careful cleanliness, all the negative energy can be wasted.

Vastu tips for bathrooms and toilets
Vastu guidelines for bathroom design

Location and direction:

  • Ideally, the best location for bathrooms and toilets is in the Northwest. A toilet should never be placed in the southwest or northeast of the house.
  • Do not find the bathroom next to Pooja or hang pictures of gods or religious objects on the exterior walls.
  • The toilet should never be placed in Brahmasthan, which is the center of the lines drawn from the four corners of the house.
  • The bathroom should ideally not share a wall with the kitchen or bedroom. If it is located next to the bedroom, try to place the wardrobe on the common wall so that the energy is not easily transferred outwards.
  • The slope of the water flow must be lower in the north, east or northeast. That is, water should ideally flow from the southwest and drain into the northeast. For this reason, the shower and sink should be placed in these directions in your room.
  • The dresser should be placed in the north or northwest for the best elimination of waste and toxins. Never place the dresser in the southwest corner of the room. It would help if you did not face east or west when using the dresser.
  • The space should not be cramped and should be as spacious as possible. It must be well ventilated. Ideally, the window should be to the east or northeast to let fresh air and morning sunlight enter the room. Sunlight is considered the best natural disinfectant and will clean your room and clean the air.
  • Similarly, the exhaust fan must also be located on the east or northeast wall.
  • The north wall is the best place for the mirror.
  • The ideal place for water tanks is in the southwest corner of the house.
  • If the geyser is located in the bathroom, it should be placed in the southeast corner.
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Material, colors and more

  • Keep the bathroom door closed at all times so that the negative waste energy does not enter the rest of your home. The door should be of good quality wood that blocks the energy and should never be of metal that is a good energy conductor.
  • Earth tones such as brown, beige, cream or white are good choices for the tiles and walls. Avoid dark colors such as black and gray, as dirt is not easily visible and therefore may not be cleaned well. Also try to avoid red.
  • The room must be very well lit, so pay attention to light fixtures and fittings.
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet with running water and a disinfectant. Do this twice a day to remove odors and fungi or bacteria.
  • Any moisture in the walls or ceiling must be monitored immediately.
  • Leaking taps must be repaired immediately as this indicates loss of positive energy from the home.

It is believed that living in accordance with Vastu will ensure that you live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. If there are Vastu defects in the bathrooms and on the toilets, it will have serious consequences related to health and finances. Vastu is a practical science and there are ways to eliminate or mitigate these deficiencies to ensure better compliance. Good luck making your home a peaceful and happy place! If you need help designing a Vastu-compatible bathroom or home for that matter, contact the experts at HomeLane.

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