What are the best furniture stores in Houston

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Houston we have a problem. The famous phrase has been repeated millions of times, but what most people have not realized is the origin of it. The term was said (in one form or another) to mission control in Houston, TX.

Furniture Stores In HoustonLook in the gallery

It was sprayed out during the Apollo 13 mission to Space Center Houston. But that was in 1970. Today we use it for various reasons. Often the cause involves our home. Lucky for us, it does not have to involve which furniture store we are going to buy our furniture from.

Houston, TX has such a large metropolis that it would be impossible not to find a furniture store that fits your needs. But since there are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to filter through them.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the best furniture stores in Houston. Some have furniture of the absolute highest quality that money can buy, while others focus on the tight budget you may have. Check them all out, because only you know what suits you!

The best furniture stores in Houston

Exclusive furniture

Exclusive FurnitureLook in the gallery

Address: 12200 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77075

Exclusive Furniture has seven locations in Houston alone, each offering something different. The location on the Gulf Freeway is probably the largest of them all, as it is also their warehouse and showroom. If you are only visiting one, let it be this location.

Exclusive furniture has been around since the 1990s and has since been one of Houston’s leading furniture providers. They offer a balance between a family-friendly atmosphere and high-quality professional furniture.

Home Source Furniture Post Oak Showroom

Home Source Furniture Post Oak ShowroomLook in the gallery

Address: 1705 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

Home Source’s gallery offers handmade furniture from environmentally friendly materials and imported from all over the world. Unique does not even begin to describe what they have to offer. Their items are truly unique.

While their prices are not always affordable, you will never get tired of shopping in their store. You can find inspiration no matter your budget, and if you can afford it, you will be tempted to decorate your entire home!

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Amish Craftsman

The Amish CraftsmanLook in the gallery

Address: 5555 Washington Ave Suite M, Houston, TX 77007

It is a well-known fact that the Amish manufacture some of the most beautiful furniture in the country. Therefore, someone set up an entire store inspired by this furniture. But it is much more than just an inspiration for owners.

The furniture from The Amish Craftsman is all handmade in America, often by Amish woodworkers. You can even get pieces tailored to your home, business or workplace. Contact them today to find out how.


Modani 1Look in the gallery

Address: 5370 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

Modani Furniture is one of the best furniture stores in Houston as well as in the United States. They prefer to focus on modern furniture, although you can find a few vintage pieces when they have them in stock.

Modani has been featured on HGTV, InTouch and many more magazines, making it a favorite with celebrities and interior designers everywhere. Although their prices are not ideal, they have a good sale.

Out of the closet

Out Of The ClosetLook in the gallery

Address: 1435 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, USA

While Out Of The Closet is not just a furniture store, they also sell home decor with a purpose, and it’s one you will not ignore. Their unique home accessories are rooting for people from Houston for a wonderful reason.

Out Of The Closet likes to look at the bigger picture. They are more than a clothing store. Over 90% of their profits go directly to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. When you shop here, you are shopping for a better life, a better future and a better world.

Picture furniture store

Image Furniture StoreLook in the gallery

Address: 5402 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

The Image Furniture Store has been around for 40 years, but they recently opened their first store in Houston. They focus on the brands that everyone is talking about, such as Hickory Craft and Ashley.

Their goal is to ensure that they have something for everyone and that is why they have such a large price range. They offer financing, great sales and the best quality of furniture you will find in a chain furniture store.

Noel Møbler

Noel FurnitureLook in the gallery

Address: 2727 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77098
The furniture at Noel Home is unique, but it also has furniture by designers such as Taylor King and American Leather. Another store that offers something for everyone, only this time, that delights them with even bigger budgets.

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Noel Home is one of the few furniture stores in Houston that offers design services. And get this, they’re free. It is true. They offer free design services to customers. You can meet the team and schedule a consultation today!


Furniture Town HoustonLook in the gallery

Address: 224 Farm to Market 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble, TX 77338

Do not get confused by this store for Furniture Town – Mattress City in the Houston metro, which is not so popular. This furniture town requires a short drive to Humble. But it’s worth it if you live north of Houston.

Møbelby in Humble is a unique shop, as it is the only one of its kind. Their prices are about average, but their customer service is above average. You can create an account on their site for easy communication and delivery.


MidInMod storeLook in the gallery

Address: 2803 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

Mid In Mod is perfect for the minimalist who is in love with modern furniture from the middle of the century. While Mid In Mod has a variety of styles, this is truly their strength. When a furniture store finds what they excel at, they have found the secret behind success.

Mid In Mod also offers shipping, a return policy and financing on all their furniture so you can buy from them no matter where you are in life, location-wise and financially. They know how hard this year has been and they will help.

Nadeau – Furniture with a soul

Nadeau Furniture With A SoulLook in the gallery

Address: 1502 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Nadeau is not a new store, and it is not “unique” simply because it is a chain furniture store. But it is unique in what style of furniture it offers. At Nadeau, it really feels like the furniture has a soul.

The soulful furniture at Nadeau originates from India and Indonesia, giving us natural materials, bright colors and a peaceful atmosphere. Nadeau is a favorite among spiritists and those who are attracted to boho decoration.

Gallery Furniture

Gallery FurnitureLook in the gallery

Address: 6006 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77076

If you visit Gallery Furniture’s page, you will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere you encounter. They greet you with exclusive comics to brighten your day and offer same-day delivery right outside the bat. Now it’s a warm welcome!

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They also make gifts and they offer enough furniture for an entire house every holiday just because they care. Nominate a loved one to receive prizes that will change their lives forever! Not many furniture stores do this!

Living Designs Furniture

Living Designs FurnitureLook in the gallery

Address: 4615 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77011

Living Designs Furniture is like a wonderland. They have 100s of internal substances to choose from. You can search through them and even match home decor or swatches that you bring in yourself. Employees are always ready and waiting to help.

If you visit the Living Design website, you can also find a section on “Design Ideas” where you can find inspiration. All you have to do is scroll through their customer-supplied library and find settings that make you smile. From there you can see what furniture is in these photos.

La Sierra Furniture for the home

La Sierra Home FurnitureLook in the gallery

Address: 11245 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77031

The people of La Sierra like to see themselves as employees of a relaxed emporium of furniture and household goods. They want their space to feel welcoming, yet high-end. Their customers agree that they achieve this goal with flying colors.

While most furniture stores only accept calls or visits to the store. At La Sierra, you can DM them on their social media accounts to get estimates of prices or to check the prices of the furniture you see on their accounts. This gives you a quick answer every time and is a great alternative for introverts.

Star furniture

Star Furniture 1Look in the gallery

Address: 18107 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77090

Texas probably recognizes the Star brand from mattresses and other furniture found around the state. But what they probably do not know is that the Star Warehouse is located in Houston. Not to mention their largest furniture store in the country.

But if you still do not want to visit their store, you can order online. They offer interest free payments, delivery and great protection plans to make anyone feel safe. Just keep an eye on the budget because Star prefers quality over affordability.

So now you know! Houston is filled with some of the best furniture stores in Texas. Most of them also deliver anywhere in the state. So start shopping today and you are well on your way to making your home a home away from home.

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