What is a 3/4 bath? How is it different from a half bath?

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Every modern home have at least one bathroom, while most of them now have two. But when it comes to the second bathroom, the bathroom is often not a full bathroom and is instead either a half bath or a 3/4 bath. All three bathroom types are different in one way or another. But the one thing that affects what they are called is the number of devices that are put in them. Some have two, others three and others an unlimited amount.

What is a 3/4 bath?

What is a 3/4 bath
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It can be quite confusing when someone says 3/4 bath. After all, most people only know about the two terms: a full bath and a half bath. But a 3/4 bath is not really much different than a full bath in most cases.

However, a 3/4 bath can have no more than three appliances. This is usually a sink, toilet and shower or bath. But if it has a bath and shower along with the other appliances, it is not a 3/4 bath.

Overall, 3/4 bathrooms are actually more popular than full bathrooms if you count the number of bathrooms instead of the number of homes with those kinds of bathrooms. Because they are often called complete bathrooms.

Bachelors, college kids, and other adults often do not see the need for a bathtub, so they only have one bathroom with a shower. This is considered a 3/4 bath, although most people would call it a full bathroom.

What is a full bath?

What is a full bath?Look in the gallery
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A full bath is a bathroom with sink, toilet, tub, shower and as many other appliances and amenities as you want. A full bath can have a whirlpool tub with jets, a walk-in shower, or another nicer addition to the traditional bathroom.

Most bathrooms today have at least one full bath, sometimes more. Although more than five bathrooms of any kind are rare in most countries and reserved for mansions and extremely large families or groups of friends living together.

What is a half bath?

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A half bath has only two appliances. This is usually a sink and a toilet, but it can be a shower and a sink. A half bath is designed not to take up much space and instead serves as a guest bathroom for day visitors.

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However, it can also be designed for convenience if the full bath is upstairs, which is quite common. Because the full bath should be at the bedrooms, while the half bath should be near the common areas of the home.

How big is the average bathroom?

While there are many different bathroom sizes, there will always be an average bathroom size. An average bathroom is usually around 35-40 sqft. This is for both a full bath and a 3/4 bath.

If you have a large house, the average bathroom is usually somewhere between 50-100sqft. However, bathrooms can range from anywhere from 15 square meters to half baths to over 100 square meters for main bathrooms.

Generally, you need to accommodate each appliance while still leaving enough aisle space for everyone to feel comfortable in your bathroom.

Cost of adding a 3/4 bath

How big is the average bathroom?Look in the gallery
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If you are now planning to add another bathroom to your home, you are probably considering a 3/4 bath even though you previously thought you would have a full bath. Most people are happy with a 3/4 bath for most bathrooms.

The average cost of a 3/4 bathroom is somewhere between $ 5,000 – $ 9,000. However, it can cost much less or much more depending on what you decide to add to your bathroom and how sophisticated you want it to be.


The first thing you add to your bathroom will probably be floors. Depending on the type of flooring you choose, there is a wide range of prices to expect. Tiles cost much more than laminate or linoleum.

For example, the cost of getting laminate installed is likely to be under $ 10 per square foot. Concrete will be about 50% more, tile will have the expensive tile cost added, while hardwood will be twice as much as laminate.


Now again, this depends on what you want done. Adding walls will require a contractor to pay for the project as well as an hourly rate for everyone he employs. But if you only want wall coverings, you can do it yourself.

Drywall is a very inexpensive option that can occasionally be less than $ 1 per. Square foot. But other options like drywall, shiplap and panels can be much more. Doing it yourself, however, ensures that you pay half of what you would do if someone else did it for you.

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Since plumbing is a separate thing, let’s talk about the price of the sink alone. There are many different types of sinks you can buy. Base washers are simple and inexpensive, giving you less than $ 100 back.

Simple bets can cost even less and can be less than $ 50. However, many people prefer something nicer. Most sinks will be under $ 300, but you can get them for over $ 1000 made from rare materials.


There are many different types of bathtubs. Freestanding bathtubs usually cost a few thousand dollars. But you can get a cheap bet for a few hundred dollars that works just as well as an animal.

However, this is a big part of what makes your bathroom unique. This is the largest appliance in the bathroom, so many people prefer something nicer if they can afford it, which can be put to half the cost of the bathroom.


The price of showers varies a lot. Cheap shower units cost less than $ 300, like a sink if you can believe it. But you can also buy nicer showers directly for over $ 1000, even from regular retailers.

However, the most advanced and expensive type of shower is a special shower made of stone or tile. These showers have glass doors and look very smart, often with a rain shower head to add even more recreation.


It can be really expensive to get your bathroom done primarily because of plumbing because it is something a professional should do. You can not do it yourself as you can with walls or floors.

Most plumbers charge somewhere between $ 40 and $ 200 an hour. In general, the longer they are there, the less they are charged per. Hour because they get a lot of work from you, they usually offer long term discounts.

Decorating trends for a 3/4 bath

wooden bathroom
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There are many ways you can decorate a 3/4 bath to suit your needs and design style. Since it is generally a little smaller than a full bathroom, you need to be more creative with decorating to make things seem bigger and even more beautiful.


Mirrors can make any room look bigger. especially small rooms. While most bathrooms, no matter how small, have at least one mirror, you can make a 3/4 bath look even bigger by adding more than one mirror.

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Fitted toilets

Having a fitted toilet can save you a lot of space. You can have fitted toilets that do not take up any floor space, so you only use a small amount of wall space to use them. Not to mention, they look neat.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors can be lifesavers. It takes some time to build unless you feel good when they slide in front on one side. But if you have them built into the wall, they take some time and effort to install.

Shower over bath

Showers take up much less space than a bathtub, so it may be preferable to use one instead of the tub. You can even get a corner shower to save more space and make your bathroom look much bigger.

Continuous floors

If you can create a good drainage system and then lay tile or teak shower floors in your bathroom, you can create continuous flooring that starts at the door and ends at the back of the shower. This makes it look bigger and more inviting.

Glass panels

Glass panels are good for both shower and bath. You can get devices with built-in glass panels, or you can put your own glass panels in. Some panels slide, others are stationary, while others open like any other door.

Use vertical spacing

Use your vertical space on the walls instead of taking up all your floor space. Eg. Should you not get a standing shelf, add high shelves above the toilet, the sink and around the shower on the walls, not the floor.

Is a 3/4 bath right for me?

There are many reasons why you should or should not get a 3/4 bath. If you want the full spa experience without cutting anything out or taking shortcuts, you probably need a full bath. If you have space, this should not be a problem.

But if you do not need both a shower and a bath, there is a good chance that a 3/4 bath will be ample enough for you. If you do not want to use them both anyway, why not free up space to use elsewhere?

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