What is a cheese knife used for? (2021

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Having a complete arsenal of knives and kitchen cutlery is beneficial for both professional chefs and home cooks.

But all these tools will only be useful if you actually know how to use them and what they are for.

Otherwise, you may end up using the knives for the wrong purposes, which can actually damage your precious kitchen knives.

So to help you out in the kitchen, we have created a quick guide to a fairly common and very useful tool: the cheese knife.

If you’ve asked yourself, “what is a cheese knife?” then you have come to the right place when we answer the exact question and give you even more useful information about this practical kitchen utensil.

Read on to learn more.

So what is it?

As you might tell by name, this tool is one used to cut cheese.

They usually come in sets with a collection of tools because different types of cheeses require a different tool to cut into.

That said, most of these tools are usually heavy and have a stainless steel construction so they can easily slide through various ingredients without getting stuck.

So now that you have a general understanding of these types of wings, it’s time to get down to the specifics.

See the next section to learn more.

What are the types?

What Is A Cheese Knife Used For

Chisel knife

This is the most common type of knife and is a heavy, flat and wide knife designed to cut into crumbling cheeses such as gorgonzola.

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The flat edge can also be used to spread the cheeses over bread or biscuits and therefore you will usually see this on a cheese board.

Cheese clover

This is one of the heaviest and most demanding tools you will find in a set and it is designed for the harder cheeses.

These tools would work well if you need to cut cheddar, peppers and other ingredients like that, but it can be a little too big to put on a cheeseboard.


Next is the spreader, which as you might tell by the name is designed to spread cheese on a cracker or on a piece of bread and is generally not used for slicing.

This would be a great pair with brie, camembert and other soft and spreadable cheeses.


This tool has many names and is sometimes called a bell, almond or pear knife.

It is used to cut ingredients like parmesan that are hard and crumbly.


This is a tool used to cut very thin portions.

It works best with semi-soft ingredients like fontina, swiss or harvati.

Flying knife

This is another wide flat knife that is ideal for a wide variety of cheeses, which can make it one of the most useful tools in a set.

However, it would be best to use this leaf for semi-hard ingredients like gouda and pepper feed.

Soft cheese knife

Finally, we look at knives that can come with holes, depending on the model.

It is usually used for softer cheeses like brie and fresh mozzarella, and some of them come with a tip that can be used to serve sliced ​​pieces of harder things like cheddar.

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Other common cheese tools

Here are some of the other tools that you might find in a cheeseboard set.


This is probably the most common tool that most people will be familiar with.

It’s great for creating shards of cheese that can go on sandwiches, pastas and pizzas.

This tool can also be used to shred a wide variety of different ingredients.

Cheese fork

This is a tool made up of two fork legs that is used to assemble blocks on a cheeseboard when cut.

It can also be used to divide harder cheeses and blocks into smaller parts.

Cheese thread

Also called a bow knife, this tool is used to cut through very delicate cheeses without breaking them.

They are usually arcuate and can even be attached to your cheeseboard in a joint made for the thread.

To use this, all you have to do is gently lower the wire into the cheese.

Rind Cutter

Finally, this tool is used to score the crust on hard ingredients like parmesan, making the wheel or block easier to open.

To use it, all you have to do is pierce the crust using the tool and pull it clean across the surface to score the crust properly.


And with that, our list has ended.

These tools can all be found in cheeseboard sets and can be very useful tools in the kitchen, especially if you know how to use them.

So now that you know what this tool is, the different types there are, and what purposes they serve, all that is left to do is get some of your favorite cheeses and get served!

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