What is a Flat White Coffee? ultimate answer

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coffee shop and cafes offer various recipes that attract customers feedback negative and positive.

Flat white has received positive feedback from customers and is one of the bestsellers today.

But so far, some are both confused and curious.

What is flat white coffee?

Flat white is well known as an espresso-based coffee containing steamed milk, which makes it a sought-after cafe. When you compare it to a latte, flat white has a bolder flavor. Another thing that makes this a special coffee recipe is the fact that it is a velvet texture coffee.

The consistency of the micro-foam is necessary to make a perfect, flat white coffee.

Once you see velvety microfoam bubbles while steaming milk, that only means perfect microfoam for your white dish.

Creating a coffee recipe like this, which is an espresso-based drink, can be quite difficult, especially for beginners. Although you already have the ingredients, the proportion should be correct. In addition to that, keep in mind the proper preparation and combination of ingredients.

what is a flat white coffee

where does the flat white coffee come from

Did you come up with a Starbucks Flat White product? No, of course they don’t. Not even close. There are two countries where people have enjoyed flat whites for decades, in places where this drink has long been at the core of an established local coffee culture for many years.

The two countries in question are Australia and New Zealand, and today there is a heated debate about where Flat White comes from, and both nations claim the birth of the drink.

There are those who claim that the drink was first created in Sydney in the early 1980s and spread from there; others deny the real beginning of the drink in the 1970s in Melbourne. Either way, the consensus suggests that Australia is Flat White.

However, things are never so simple.

When the concept of this new drink crossed the Tasmanian Sea and reached New Zealand, the baristas of Wellington gave the coffee its modern form and raised it to a new level of perfection. It is generally accepted that some of the finest white whites on the planet are now found in the capital of Kiwi.

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Both Australia and New Zealand appear to have been involved in the development of the beverage, and Flat White is now an integral part of the coffee drinking traditions of both countries. So, in order to avoid disturbing anyone, agree to call it a joint effort.

From there, following a large number of Australian and New Zealand foreigners, Flat White traveled around the world to the UK, where it has also been available in cafes for many years. But before Starbucks got its hands on the drink, it wasn’t largely unknown in North America.

At the time, it was only available at a few specialized Australian-owned facilities in major U.S. cities. For example, Australian actor Hugh Jackman had staff at his Laughing Man café in New York specifically trained to make Aussie Flat White.

Facts about flat white coffee

  1. It is different from other coffee recipes with foam on top. The amount of espresso and milk also sets it apart from other coffee recipes.
  2. The foam and the size of the cup are important to distinguish it. When you compare it to other coffee recipes with foam on top, the white dish has a small layer of microfoam and is served in a 165ml or 172ml cup.
  3. You can define this coffee by the container used to serve it. Using a traditional ceramic mug or tulip mug makes it different.
  4. Combining the ingredients is quite a challenge. By simply pouring the ingredients together in a mug, you can’t have a perfect flat white.
  5. A flat white is not a latte. The way to steam milk for your white dish is different from that of latte. Here is our guide to what a latte is.

To note: Coffees from different countries can serve it in a different container.

Flat white vs latte vs cappuccino

Flat white:

When steaming milk to a uniform white, instead of aiming for liquid milk with foam, the milk must achieve a uniform composition consisting entirely of “microbubbles” that mix with the espresso without leaving any foam on top. This gives Flat White its distinctive texture and mouth.

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So completely different from cappuccinos or latte!

Another significant difference is that because the amount of milk used is less than in latte, the final drink has a much stronger espresso flavor and is less milky than latte.

If you still can’t imagine it, you might think that Flat White is similar to a cappuccino without foam, or you might describe something denser with less milk and foam.

But this concept of “microbubbles” may seem a little difficult to understand at the moment, so let’s take a closer look at that part of flat white.


With a latte like cappuccino, you start with espresso. To this is added steamed milk and foam, but this time the ratio is different. Much more milk should remain as liquid milk, with only a thin layer of foam on top.

The trick for the barista is to choose the right amount of milk and then know how to steam it. You need more foam for cappuccino, less for latte.

Less foam results in a longer, milkier drink; indeed, caffè latte literally means “milk coffee” in Italian. They are traditionally served in a tall glass or cup, rather than a bowl-shaped cup used for cappuccino, although cappuccino-style cups are also commonly used.


What is a cappuccino? Cappuccino is a classic espresso-based drink that has been with us for over 50 years. In Italy, the country of birth, it is traditionally used as a breakfast drink, and there is considered a bit strange to order one in the middle of the morning.

Cappuccino starts with a double image of espresso. Next, liquid steamed milk is added, followed by foam. The three ingredients, espresso, steamed milk, and foam, should be in a ratio of about 1: 1: 1, so the top foam should fill about a third of the cup.


How to make flat white coffee

You are probably impatient to brew a plain white cup of coffee. Newbies like you may find it quite difficult, but you can do it! You can do some training runs.There are many coffee recipes that you can find online, including the flat white recipe. Start with an easy-to-make recipe. Check it out below and give it a try.
  • 18 g ground espresso
  • 100 ml cold milk
  • Preheat the cup.

  • Prepare the ground espresso and make a double espresso.

  • Pull it into the cup.

  • Measure the cold milk and fill the pitcher.

  • Steam the milk using the espresso machine to create micro-foam bubbles.

  • Let the milk and bubbles combine.

  • When you see large bubbles, tap the pitcher. You can use the counter to make sure you do this firmly.

  • Stir the milk to get the right texture. Consistency is important when preparing this coffee recipe.

  • Use the spoon to fold the milk.

  • When the steamed milk is ready, you can now pour it into the cup.

  • Create latte art to make it more desirable to drink.

  • Serve and drink while it is hot.


How to make flat white coffee


Now that you’ve read this article, still don’t know what flat white coffee is? Although it has a small layer of foam on top, keep in mind that it is different from a latte. It’s also not the same as cappuccino.

You can try to prepare various coffee recipes like latte or cappuccino, including the recipe provided, and compare them. When you are successful, you will determine its unique qualities.

A cup of this coffee every day is even good for your health, unlike other coffee recipes. You can start making it at home and enjoy it whenever you want. Always keep in mind to drink coffee moderately and drink more water.

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