What is a mocha? Definition, origin, recipe, etc.

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Mocha coffee is undoubtedly one of the types of coffee in the world.

But how much knowledge do you have on this subject?

Why order mocha coffee instead of other types of coffee?

This article will walk you through these questions and answers with additional knowledge.

With this, you can easily and confidently answer any questions someone might ask you about this coffee recipe.

What is a mocha?

In short, mocha is just one regular latte (steamed milk with coffee) mixed with chocolate syrup. Derived from “caffè mocha” or “mocha latte”, it is also called “mocaccino” or “mochaccino”.

what is a mocha

what is a mocha

How to make a mocha: quick recipe

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Before you start making your mocha, it is best to collect and prepare all the necessary tools and ingredients. Tools include espresso machine, milk pitcher, espresso glasses and more. Try this recipe at home today!

  • 2 espresso
  • 14 ounces or 3 teaspoons
  • 10-12 ounce cup of latte
  • 8 ounces steamed milk
  • Grind the first 16.5 grams of espresso using the machine’s filter holder. You can directly pour the chocolate syrup into the latte cup.

  • Now extract the 2 shots of espresso on the chocolate syrup. Stir well when you have finished extracting the espresso for the perfect blend of flavors

  • You can steam 8 ounces of milk at around 165 ° F while you brew the espresso in your cup. Wait for a decent layer of foam.

  • When you have finished steaming the milk, pour it over an espresso, creating a thin layer of foam.

  • You can decorate your drink with your favorite garnish like cinnamon, whipped cream (you can substitute it in place of milk froth), nuggets, etc.

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Make a mocha: origin

Let us first enter into its history to warm you up. We can start by learning where the term mocha comes from.

These specific coffee beans came from Al Mokha, Yemen, which was an important port at the time. This cafe bears his name.

It may be appropriate that it is called Yemen coffee so that there is no confusion.

But it is now known and called Arabica coffee which is cultivated in various parts of the world. This created variations in taste, as the environment in which it grows directly affects it.

The mocha coffee bean is also known to taste like chocolate; hence the use of the name.

This is why many seek to taste coffee grown directly from Yemen.

It is not easy at the moment due to the challenges of coffee production and trade in the country.

Nonetheless, popularly known mocha coffee today is different from its history.

How much caffeine is in mocha coffee?

The the amount of caffeine depends on the amount of espresso you will put in your coffee. It is the only source of caffeine for your coffee.

For this reason, you can adjust according to your needs and preferences.

The estimate that you can have based on 2-3 shots of espresso is 58 to 185 mg of caffeine.


The good thing about the mocha is that you can make your own, or you can order it anywhere you like.

Many cafes and restaurants offer this type of coffee that you can have at any time of the day.

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If you prefer to prepare it yourself, you can check the recipe and follow it without missing a single step.

You can also make some adjustments to suit your taste.

It is also good to control your intake by reducing or adding the size or ingredient measurement of your serving of coffee.

The basic and common components of a mocha coffee are espresso, milk, and the source of distinction from other coffees, chocolate.

It is flexible because you can use different types of chocolate like chocolate syrup, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.

Traditionally, it will have the milk foam toppings like a latte.

Mocha is a sweeter version of coffee which is perfect for those who prefer a sweet taste rather than bitter.

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