What is a private bathroom?

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The term bedroom has been thrown around for so long that everyone knows what it means. It is the bedroom that belongs to the household manager or the owner of the house. It is also the largest bedroom in the house.

The term “en-suite bathroom” is not as popular and some people are still insecure. A suite is French and literally means ‘in order’ or ‘in accordance or harmony’. The term is still used today, but it does not refer to a bathroom in France.

But when used to describe a bathroom in English, it usually means ‘attached’ or ‘adjacent’. Often one of these words is used instead of en-suite if the potential buyers are not familiar with the term.

What is a private bathroom?

What is private bathroom
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A private bathroom is a bathroom that is attached to another room. This room is generally the master bedroom. Often, a master bedroom is not really considered a bedroom unless it has a master bathroom attached.

Master bathroom is another common name for private bathroom because it is almost always attached to a bedroom. You can also call a bedroom with attached bathroom, a ‘bedroom with private bath’.

Both en suite bedroom and en suite bathroom are correct. You can use them both freely and any real estate agent knows what you are referring to. They know you want a bedroom with its own bathroom attached.

Why get your own bathroom?

en suite bathroom with two doors and modern look
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There are many benefits to having your own bathroom. Most people see a private bathroom as a plus when buying a new home. These are the main reasons why buyers are in love with the idea of ​​a private bathroom.

Night safety

No one likes to wander around at night, in the dark and find the bathroom. Stumbling down the hallway or stairs is not always the safest thing to do. Therefore, it is great to have a bathroom attached to your room, especially at night.

It is best to keep your second bathroom close to the children’s room while keeping your own bathroom attached to your room. That said, if you do not have your own bathroom, you will probably have your only bathroom by the children’s room.

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Different from the kids

teen en suite bathroom with wooden barn doors
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Children are messy, but they also have no concept of privacy. Let us realize that sharing a bathroom with children is not ideal. So giving them their own bathroom and keeping one to yourself will save a lot of headaches.

As mentioned earlier, kids need the bathroom at night more than you. So make sure they also have one that is easily accessible. That is, if you have children in your home.

Easy cleaning

When only one or two people use a bathroom, it stays pretty clean. Especially when these two people are adults working together. Master bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms are far easier to clean than other bathrooms.

If you are the only one using it, the bathroom does not need to be cleaned very often. If two people use it, you can change and clean it even less often. Maybe rotate. One person cleans the bathroom this week and the other cleans the bedroom.

Privacy for couples

en suite bathroom with sliding door and bed with yellow bedding
Via BPC Architecture + Interior Design

Even if you live alone or with other adults, if you are a couple, it is perfect to have your own bathroom. You need less privacy from your spouse, but you want the opportunity to be there. With a private bathroom, you can choose to lock the door to the bedroom or the door to the bathroom.

If you are alone, you can only lock the door to the bedroom. If your spouse is in the room, you can do what you both feel good about. You can even close the bathroom door and leave it unlocked if they need the toilet.

To give guests their own space

If you can afford it, it’s a great idea to put your own bathroom in the room. If you often have guests, it’s even better. They can have their own space, even in the bathroom. You can even put in a kitchenette for extra privacy.

Making your room as comfortable as possible is a considerate thing to do. As long as it does not take away from the quality of life that your family lives. After all, who lives in that home 24/7?

Disadvantages of en-suite bathrooms

en suite bathroom in white with large window
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We have reviewed the benefits of en-suite bathrooms, but are there any disadvantages? Of course! Not everything is for everyone. The pros outweigh the cons with this one, but let’s look at these cones if they apply to you.

Space Taker

This one is a given. If you have a large bathroom attached to your bedroom, you have less space for something else. It could be taken from the living room if downstairs or your bedroom if upstairs. Is the loss of square meters worth it?

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Of course, you can always add, especially at the lower level of the home. But with that comes costs that are almost always more than you expect them to be. When you receive an offer, be sure to add at least 10%.


Not everyone wants a private bathroom. Some people see the disadvantages alone and do not think the pros are worth it. Anyone can add a bathroom, but not everyone thinks it can only be one. So this is always a risk when you have something unusual.

Disturbs your partner

When you wake up early, you will probably be as natural as possible. If you want to sing in the shower, then you will sing in the shower. With a private bathroom, you risk disturbing your sleeping partner when you do so.

Having a bathroom away from the bedrooms can help with this. But it can also provide good insulation. If you already have your own bathroom and love it, you can check if it is insulated to help with this problem.

When it’s your only bathroom

This is probably the biggest downfall for en-suite bathrooms. However, it is not a problem if you have another bathroom that others can use. But these days, houses are smaller and sometimes it is the only bathroom in the house.

When this is the case, people feel that their privacy is at stake. Guests stomp through your bedroom to reach the bathroom. This endangers your possessions as well as your reputation. No one wants their bedroom contents displayed.

Remember that if you have a “public” bathroom, this is not a problem at all. Just know that if this is your only bathroom, your bedroom will be reviewed, rated and a greater temptation for thieves.

Are there other en suite rooms?

marble countertops in vanity in en suite bedroom
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Of course! An en suite room is just a room attached to another room without an outside entrance. You can have en-suite walk-in closets, en-suite bars and en-suite games. When a real estate agent says ‘en suite’, it means bathroom, unless otherwise stated.

But that does not mean that you can not request other en suite rooms attached to your bedroom. This is quite a popular thing to do in large houses where extra bedrooms would be wasted. Cut a doorway between the bedrooms and turn one of them into something else.

Caves, harbors, bars, games rooms and spas are all popular additions. All that is required is to add a doorway and transform the second room into your perfect vacation.

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What is the private bathroom in hotel rooms?

In cheaper hotels, a room with a private bathroom is a bedroom with an attached bathroom. In more expensive hotels, however, a private bathroom can be a large suite with several other attached rooms. This would be a bathroom, living room, bar and more.

Jack And Jill Bathroom

en suite bathroom with two sinks
Via Beyond Interior Design LLC

Often a Jack and Jill bathroom is called a private bathroom. This is simply not true. Because a private bathroom does not have another entrance, it is private. While a Jack and Jill bathroom has two items.

A Jack and Jill bathroom with an entrance is not a Jack and Jill bathroom. On the other hand, a private bathroom with more than one entrance is not a private bathroom. This is simpler than it sounds.

To learn more about Jack and Jill bathrooms, read the full guide here. You learn what a Jack and Jill bathroom is, why they were invented and find inspiration to add your own.

Bathroom components

sink in en suite bathroom
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We know all the components found in the bathrooms, but did you know that a bathroom without a bathtub is not considered a complete bathroom? That’s right, three-component bathrooms are not really complete bathrooms. But what is a complete bathroom?

Fully equipped bathroom

A complete bathroom must have four components. These components are a toilet, sink, bath and shower. The shower can be combined with the tub and still be considered a complete bathroom. Most houses have at least one full bathroom.

Three-quarter bathroom

Usually written .75 in lists, a three-quarter bathroom has three components. It usually lacks either a bath or a shower. In bathrooms for adults it lacks a bathtub, while the children’s bathrooms lack a shower.


You have heard half bath mentioned a lot, but what makes it half bath? It is not the size but again the components. A bathroom with two components is a half bath. More often than not, these components are a toilet and a sink.

Half baths are generally for day visitors who only need the toilet. It will have a sink to wash hands, but rarely includes a tub or shower. If it does, the toilet is missing and it is simply a room to clean up.

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