What is a serrated knife used for? (Guide to 2021)

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People are used to knives with straight edges.

Some may find it strange to own a serrated knife that has sections that look like a saw.

It’s fun to imagine using a saw for fruits and vegetables, right?

But it is more useful than what most people think it is.

What is a serrated knife?

As mentioned, serrated knives are those that have a tooth-like edge that resembles a saw.

Some of them have a letter U or a letter V-shape per. Section, while some manufacturers can add creativity to the edge of the magazine by providing different designs.

With sections in the blade edge, it is usually less smooth and does not give the same precise cut compared to the straight edges.

The pressure of the force applied to it goes to the tip of each tooth, while the sections help cut the object.

The sharpness of this kind of knife is usually longer than that with straight edges, as the ‘teeth’ help to cut the object.

Similar to a saw, it is used with a saw movement.

What is it used for?

What Is A Serrated Knife Used For

The serrated knife works like this: the teeth help to break the outer edge, and the sharp sections inside it are used for the inner part.

Therefore, it is often used for slicing bread.

The bread knife is the most popular knife with a serrated blade.

There is bread that has a very thick crust where the use of a straight leaf does not cut anything.

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Forcing the straight edge knife can damage the bread when applied at full pressure and break its beauty.

You can use it to get through the crust and slide all the way to make a slice.

Due to its appearance, the blade cannot be used to create perfect slices, cubes or chops.

It sometimes leaves a mark on the item, which can affect the appearance of the food when cooked.

However, if you have difficulty opening an object using a straight edge and need a cut on the item to start cutting, you can use this kind of knife.

Aside from bread, do you know that some bakers also use a serrated bread knife for cakes? The narrow surface makes it easier to cut the cake without sticking too much on the blade.

The serrated edge helps produce a cleaner piece instead of using a smaller knife that may need a new slice round.

For use in fruit, this type of knife helps to cut whole citrus fruits.

This knife prevents straight knives from slipping on the skin and extracts the juice when applied with a lot of pressure.

It will be able to easily get through the peel and cut the fruit smooth.

Apart from the kitchen, serrated knives can also be used in pocket knives.

It can be useful during camping as it can easily get through cutting ropes.

Some prefer to have this type of blade as it can make tasks easier than those with straight edges.

Some pocket knife manufacturers can create the best of both worlds – a serrated blade on the lower half near the handle and a straight edge on the other half that goes to the tip.

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Maintenance tips

Since serrated knives have tooth-like edges, you need to pack a little patience in sharpening them.

It is not recommended to use a flat whetstone on this kind of knife as it can damage the edges seen on the blade.

If you prefer to sharpen them, there are two tools that can help you.

Use a ceramic rod and the patented pocket knife sharpener.

When using the ceramic rod, sharpen each of the sections one by one by sliding them at an angle where the inner edges touch the rod.

Repeat until all sections are finished and to the other side.

Some serrated knife has only one side, and beware of the side that has a flatter edge (no recesses due to the sections).

Consider the thickness of the rod when buying one, when you would like to sharpen serrated knives.

If you own the patented pocket knife sharpener, it’s a little easier.

The small rod of triangular size helps to grind each section continuously compared to a ceramic rod to be made per. Section.

Use one of the pointed edges on the top section near the edge, while sliding gently as each section scratches the triangular rod.

Repeat until all sections are complete.

Whichever method you choose, do not use excessive force as it can also damage the blade and the sharpening.

For cleaning, this knife can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Carefully inspect each section before storing to make sure it has no residue left.

It will also be helpful to refer to the user manual, if available, for more detailed information on how to properly care for serrated knives.

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A serrated knife can be useful and practical not only in the kitchen, but on camping, hunting or even in emergencies in its pocket version.

Try to get one today and see how it will be a great addition to your knife set.

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