What is the difference between coffee and espresso?

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Do you know about the difference between coffee and espresso. Coffee and espresso may have something in common, but they are also different in some factors. It may be common sense to determine the distinction between these two. However, not all people, even the self-proclaimed caffeine addicts, know exactly the facts that separate these two.

Many can also tell that due to the differences between coffee and espresso there is an unspoken debate which has the better taste? Those who love stronger bitter flavors tend to opt for espresso, while those who have moderate taste buds will opt for the coffee.

Before joining the endless favoritism between espresso and coffee, it is better to know the background of these two and be informed about its respective differences.

What is an espresso?

Espresso is a unique beverage that comes from different types of coffee beans that are roasted. The production of espresso started when the first pillar machine was invented in 1884. Espresso came from the root word expression, meaning to express, press and take action quickly.

The main difference of espresso from coffee is that it is thicker and creamier because it undergoes several processes such as brewing. Espresso is also present as a base in some popular drinks such as latte and café Americano.

What is Espresso
What is the difference between coffee and espresso? 71

Usually, the espresso is also served in smaller contents, as it contains a stronger taste than a regular instant coffee. This is not surprising due to the higher amount of caffeine incorporated in it. An espresso machine ensures that it extracts the taste and aroma of each coffee bean so that it can achieve the best barista espresso.

The basic method of making an espresso is to put more pressure on high-quality hot water and coffee. The goal of this process is to allow the natural oil from solid components to be extracted. Pulling or making an espresso shot is known to be the first way to make espresso, but today there are already programmable machines that can do it electronically.

What is coffee?

Coffee is a kind of drink derived from coffee beans. It is so famous all over the globe because most people are caffeine lovers. Usually, it can be served at any temperature but is often preferred hot. For others, this simple drink completes their breakfast every morning and lifts their energy during the inactive time of the day.

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According to history, coffee originated in the land of Ethiopia when people here discovered the taste and ability of coffee plants to increase energy. However, there is evidence that it was in Yemen where drinking coffee has started. The tasty beans came from a species called Coffea. The fruits of this plant are harvested and dried when the color turns red.

Coffee beans are known to contain caffeine, which has stimulating effects that are thought to help people stay awake for longer. Its beans can be easily recognized with its dark and brownish color, distinct aroma, and bitter taste.

What is a coffee

Today, coffee has become a part of many people’s everyday lives. Not only does it give the consumer so much pleasure, but it also has health benefits. Based on experts, coffee has good components that improve digestion, mental health, and mortality.

Differences between coffee and espresso

Process or brewing

The brewing method for coffee and espresso plays an important factor that distinguishes the two. The intensity, speed, and use of machines for the preparation of these beverages are one of the main reasons why they differ from each other.

Many people agree that it is much easier to brew a coffee than to make an espresso. One way to brew a coffee can be through the traditional automatic coffee drip, French Press or Percolator. This process can be carried out mainly in the comfort of our home. All you have to do is put the coffee beans in the brewing machine and have a rich drink after a few minutes.

Meanwhile, brewing an espresso takes a little more time, effort, skill, and a special machine than making a cup of coffee. A reliable strong espresso machine is needed to get a tasteful output. However, not all people can afford this equipment as it is expensive as opposed to having a regular coffee machine at home.

what is the difference between coffee and espresso
What is the difference between coffee and espresso? 72

Preparing an espresso shot needs more pressure to reach the preferred temperature of the water. The higher the water temperature, the more efficient the extraction of flavor from coffee beans.

Caffeine level

There is a bit of confusion when people ask what has more caffeine content between an espresso and coffee? Many say that it is the espresso that definitely carries more caffeine. But in reality, the amount of caffeine depends a lot on consumption.

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Technically, the Espresso shot has a higher caffeine content with an average of 40 to 80 mg per. Ounce. On the other hand, a cup of coffee usually equates to 8 ounces containing 80 to 185 mg. However, the caffeine level also depends on the type of roasted coffee beans and the brewing process.

Following the above regular consumption, Espresso has certainly a greater amount of caffeine. That changes, however, when a person takes more than one cup of coffee, which usually occurs especially for coffee lovers out there. Other consumers may consume at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, which equates to an average of 555 mg of caffeine.

Taste and aroma

Many people will give thumbs up as a sign of agreeing on the fact that coffee and espresso have different tastes. Although the basic ingredient of these beverages is coffee beans, the taste is different due to the brewing process.

Espresso is obviously said to have a stronger flavor because solid components, oil, and acid are extracted during the brewing process. All these variables are mixed together, therefore the taste of the coffee bean is boldly reflected in the drink. However, roasted coffee beans do not taste good because the drink just tastes roasted.

Taste and aroma of coffee

On the other hand, the coffee still has the taste of the coffee beans; however, it has not the natural oils extracted from the beans. As a result, lighter flavors are what consumers taste when sipping freshly brewed coffee.

Meanwhile, coffee and espresso also have a slight odor difference. Both produce really enticing aromas when brewed. It’s just that espresso can have a stronger nostril-penetrating aroma.


Although coffee and espresso similarly came from roasted coffee beans, there is a difference in price. The factor that primarily affects the price of these two is the method of production, machines used to manufacture it, while secondary factors are taste, aroma, harvest season as well as the brand.

Apparently, Espresso has a higher price than coffee. This is not so surprising and may just be common sense for many people. The simplest reason why the former costs more than the latter is because of the level of effort, skill, and time spent preparing it.

Usually, an espresso shot cost $ 1 to $ 3 higher than a drip of coffee. The explanation is easy. Making a cup of coffee can only take a moment. All that needs to be done is to mix and blend all the ingredients such as hot water, ground coffee and a little sugar, and another flavor like a jug of cream. The process immediately ends in a rapid stirring of the cup and serving it to the consumer.

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On the other hand, it is not that difficult to produce an espresso, but it is more complicated than coffee. At the top of the list of requirements for making an espresso is an espresso machine that may also cost higher because it does most of the work. In addition, it requires expert staff who probably trained as Barista to make an espresso. It also adds to the pricing of the said beverage.

Health benefits and disadvantages

Serving cups of coffee and espresso shots have health benefits. Research shows that the human average capacity of caffeine ingested is only five cups a day. As long as the consumer follows this standard amount of caffeine, these drinks are healthy for the body.

Both of these drinks carry important nutrients that can nourish the body, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Some of the health benefits of caffeine in the body lower the risk of indigestion, cardiovascular disease, mental health, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

The amount of coffee and espresso consumption plus the brewing process speaks for itself, which can be healthier for humans. Since the caffeine content of Espresso is greater and more concentrated than a cup of coffee, experts considered it more beneficial to health.

With all the information provided above, it can now be easy to distinguish between what is a coffee or an espresso. Choosing a preference between the two can now also be easy. But it is clearly stated that these drinks contain different but equally wonderful properties, so it will not be bad to love both of these drinks.

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