What is the price of adding a bathroom?

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There are many reasons to add a bathroom to your home. Even if you already have a full bath, do not feel bad about adding another, whether it is a full bath, half bath or 3/4 bath, which is an interesting compromise.

However, when adding a bathroom, it is important to consider the cost. Maybe it’s not something you can afford right now. Maybe you have a tight budget but still want to move on. Let’s look at the cost of adding a bathroom to find out.

How much does it cost to add a bathroom?

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To find out the cost of adding a bathroom, the quickest method is to find the average cost of adding a bathroom. Even if you sell the house, adding a bathroom can return up to 200% of the money spent on the bathroom.

So no matter what, it’s a good move. Although there is a large selection, most bathrooms will cost somewhere between $ 200 and $ 300 per square foot. This is more than the cost of adding a living room due to the density of the item.

However, it is less than the cost of adding a kitchen because kitchen appliances are generally more expensive and every inch is useful space. While bathrooms tend to have a little more open space compared to used space.

To calculate the cost of adding a bathroom

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Since everyone has different desires, needs and budgets, calculating the price of your bathroom is not as easy as looking at an estimate. The average is a good starting point, but planning your bathroom out takes a little more work than that.

There are many things to consider when calculating the price of your bathroom. After all, this is not a living room or a bedroom that varies only slightly in things to consider. This is a bathroom that is unique in every way.

Standard appliances

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The first thing you need to look at is standard appliances. A half bathroom only needs two appliances, a 3/4 bathroom needs three, while a full bathroom can have as many as you want. So let’s break it down with price ranges.

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You may notice that each of them varies a lot. However, you can always use the minimum price of your bathroom, which gives you a good idea of ​​how much to spend if you have a tight budget.

  • Shower – $ 300 to $ 10,000
  • Bathtub – $ 250 to $ 25,000
  • Sink – $ 50 to $ 3,000
  • Toilet – $ 100 to $ 2,000

Everything except these four things is an extra or a facility that we will talk more about later. Amenities are everything you do not need in your bathroom and are considered extra to make life more comfortable and convenient.

Size of bathroom

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Of course, the size of your bathroom affects the cost. It does not affect the cost as much as the quality of appliances you get does. But it does matter. Some bathrooms are as small as 20 m², while others are larger than bedrooms.

The average bathroom size is around 40sqft. This is usually a 5 × 8 bathroom. Which is enough for a small tub at one end, a sink and a toilet. The tub is often a shower / tub to save space while offering both options.

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While appliances and sizes matter, so does plumbing complexity. This is something you need to discuss with your plumber, but some plumbing jobs require more work than others. The average person can not tell to what extent.

The average cost to hire a plumber is around $ 100, with the range around $ 50 to $ 200. Although the time it takes to make your bathroom can also vary a lot. It is best to get a binding estimate in advance.

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There are two different ways to add a bathroom. The cost of a bathroom depends on whether you are adding or remodeling an old bathroom. If you rebuild an old one, it will be significantly smaller.

This is partly due to the fact that plumbing, electricity and walls are already in place. Then all you have to do is decide what to update and what to leave behind. No matter what, it does cost less.

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But if you add, you get started from scratch without taking up any space in your house. So there are pros and cons to both that need to be considered before deciding which way to go.

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There are plenty of other amenities that you can add to your bathroom to make it an advanced bathroom. While the basic standard bathroom has a stool, sink and tub purchased at standard prices, there are other options as well.

  • Hot tub – a whirlpool is the first thing people think of when imagining an advanced bathroom. Everyone wants at least one jacuzzi tub. Well, the hot tubs do not come cheap, but there are not many people who regret getting one.
  • Guest facilities tray – this is not very expensive, but it can be effective. Get a visible tray complete with everything a guest might need. This can include simple things like hand lotion and feminine products or something more unique.
  • Upgraded shower head – rain, waterfalls, more shower heads! There are lots of upgraded and unique types of shower heads that you can really make your bathroom stand out. The best part is, you can feel the difference.
  • Bidet – an optional bidet can make guests feel special and preferred over many different people. Just make sure it is optional and that you have alternatives available for those who do not like bidets.
  • Digital thermometer – of course for the shower. Letting people know what the temperature of the shower water is before they enter is amazing. You can find your perfect temperature for the perfect shower every time.
  • Radiant underfloor heating – if you want to have a wonderful experience all day long, you need to get radiant floor heating. This type of heating is built under the floor and can be adjusted via a thermostat. So your feet can stay toasty.
  • Stone washing – a stone sink is not cheap at all. But it can make your bathroom look exquisite. You can get any type of stone you want, including precious pearls in beautiful colors, stone patterns and designs.

There are lots of other amazing things you can add to your bathroom, but these are things that people tend to seek out over and over again. Make a wish list for the future if you can not afford them now!

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While most amenities are quite expensive, there are still a few things you can do to really enhance the bathroom experience. These things are affordable, work with any budget and can be customized to your liking.

  • Backlit mirrors – a backlit mirror is the fastest way to enhance your bathroom game. It is easy to make and looks great. Choose colors that set the mood for what you want your bathroom to feel like.
  • Brass accents – Brass accents are not expensive and they can look much nicer than silver or brushed nickel and especially gold. Try them first and if you like it, repeat all your bathroom hardware.
  • Tubside Table – getting a small table to place next to your tub can look and feel luxurious. That’s because it is! Who does not want a place to put their glasses or a glass something special for their bath?
  • Skip the white one – white may look good in a bathroom, but it is the most popular bathroom color. Try a different color to make your bathroom unique without breaking the bank with new tiles or hardwood.
  • Wall with accent – an accent wall with shiplap, wallpaper or even just paint can make your bathroom stand out in a good way. Choose a wall you want and make sure it looks best with shelves and everything else.
  • Ladder Rack – a ladder shelf is made of a simple ladder and is used to hang towels in a fashionable way. You can buy a wooden or metal ladder in most stores or shop at flea markets or an online store for something special.
  • Indoor plants – there are lots of good indoor houseplants that can transform your bathroom and take it to the next level. Plants are usually not expensive and they may continue to give in the coming years.
  • Lamps – people often underestimate the power of a good bulwark. But sconces can do a lot for any room. They can make a bathroom look high-end in seconds, especially if you know how to choose the right lamp.
  • Upgraded faucet – this is a quick and effective way to make your bathroom look nicer. An upgraded faucet can do wonders for any bathroom or kitchen. Even though bathroom fixtures are so basic, there will be a big change.

Finally, it’s time to do it for you. Choose things that feel special to you and your guests will feel that they radiate from the objects and appliances you choose. If you love marble, find some marble!

The extra cost is usually worth it in the end because you create your sanctuary. Not to mention the return on investment is always worth the cost! The same goes for remodeling the kitchen!

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