What to dip in chocolate fondue? An ultimate list

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Serving chocolate fondue on any special occasion like Valentine’s Day is a lovable way to enjoy your moment. Dipping different types of luxury foods in melted chocolate makes the recipe more delicious and flavorful.

But what to dip in chocolate fondue? It’s great to serve the regular fondue graduates like cakes, fruits, or dried fruits with your favorite dark chocolate.

However, you can consider adding some more interesting dipper settings to hit the richness and sweetness of your fondue. You need to choose deeper subjects that fill the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly and add something new to the taste profile.

In this article I would like to share a complete list of things to dip in chocolate fondue just for you. Let’s look over the post to know more.

What to dip in chocolate fondue?

Everything tastes pretty much better when dipped in hot dark chocolate fondue. There is an ultimate list of the best ideas for chocolate fondue dipper just below. Whether you are hosting a big party or having a quiet date night, these dipping ideas will surely delight everyone. So let’s check out the list to get more.

Fresh or frozen fruits:

Fruits are items that go well with all kinds of dips, sauces and fondue. The classic fruit salad recipe adds a combination of different fruits with yogurt, cream or milk. In addition, fruit with chocolate is also a very delicious and tasty combination. So there are various fresh fruits that go incredibly well with chocolate fondue.

On any list of the best ideas for chocolate fondue dippers, strawberries are undoubtedly close to the top. The light and delicate taste of the strawberries makes them the perfect partner for the richness of the chocolate.

They are also firm enough to hold a strong grip on your fondue forks or spears. However, try to pick berries that almost match the color and size for the most impressive presentation.

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Crunchy, juicy fresh apples are ideal for choking with melted chocolate. For this it is better to choose medium-sized fresh apples and cut them into thin slices. Put the apples in a bowl of lemon juice combined with water to prevent them from browning. Dry them out and your apples are ready to dip into the melted chocolate.

Juicy grapes are mostly paired with sweet and spicy charcuterie plates, but they are just as delicious when dipped in dark chocolate. Grapes also contain powerful polyphenols that help fight free radicals in the human body.

If you want to change dipping ideas a bit, you can try frozen fruits like mango, banana and peach with chocolate. All you have to do is just cut your fruits into squares and store them in the fridge overnight. Then bring your fruits out just before serving so you can easily tip them.

Dried fruits and nuts:

Dried fruits and nuts:

When the smooth taste of nuts is combined with the rich and sweet taste of dark chocolate, the crispy nuts get a unique taste. So if you are a fan of nuts and their preparations, you can add your favorite nuts to your dipping plates.

Choose one of your favorite dried fruits or nuts like almond clusters, cashews, dates, peanuts or pecans to give your guests a nutty treat.



Chocolate-covered bacon is a great thing, but it takes some time to coat on all sides and let it set.

All you have to do is just cook the bacon to crisp perfection, drain it and dip it straight into the melted chocolate.

Certain types of cheese:

Certain kinds of cheese

If you pair the right kind of cheese with the right type of fondue, you will definitely get a revolutionary combination. The thin slices Gruyere pairs amazingly with chocolate fondue made from milk chocolate.

Gruyere comes with a nutty flavor that goes well with the sweet taste of chocolate. Cheese that has a more sour taste can be paired with darker chocolate to ensure that all flavors can stand out.

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If you are looking for something light that goes well with your hot dark chocolate, this is the perfect option for you. Marshmallows are extremely light and airy, making them an ideal snack to serve on the plate of chocolate fondue.

Bowl marshmallows before dipping them in the liquid fondue to get a smoky flavor.

Graham Crackers:

Graham Crackers

Like Marshmallows, you can also choose Graham Crackers to dip into the liquid chocolate. If you love the sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon, choose cinnamon-flavored Graham biscuits.

The sweet and salty taste of these biscuits works perfectly against the smoothness of the chocolate.

Rice Krispie treats:

Although rice Krispie treats can be found in the store, they taste great when made at home. The right amount of crunch of these treats makes them perfect for pairing with the smooth texture of chocolate.

In addition, the crispy grain retains its crispy texture, even after being dipped in the chocolate. For extra flavor, pair your rice Krispie treats with peanut butter and use the melted chocolate as a spread.

Vanilla pound cake:

Vanilla pound cake

What’s better than the delicious taste of soft spongy vanilla pound cake with dark melted chocolate? The thick and firm texture of the pound cake makes it an ideal opportunity to dip into the melted chocolate. Plus, its distinctive soft and buttery flavor with the vanilla character pairs the chocolate just as well.

Just cut the cake into squares and dip it directly in the pan with chocolate fondue and enjoy your moment.

Cranberry Walnut Bread:

Soft vanilla pound cake is not the only thing that goes well with chocolate. Dessert breads can also be a good dipper option as they are firm enough to cut. Like pancakes, you have to cut the loaves into cubes, they hold together very well to dip. The most lovable thing about dessert bread is that they offer a wide range of textures and flavors.

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Dessert breads like cranberry walnut bread can be a perfect holiday treat for you and your family. The walnuts in the bread provide a sweet contrast of textures with the soft cake and the glossy chocolate. And the acidity of the cranberry cuts across the richness and sweetness of the other flavors. The combined taste of walnut and cranberry awakens your taste buds with a sudden shake of fruit.



Waffles are a real winner when it comes to ideal food to dip into the hot chocolate fondue. They are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and can hold more of the liquid chocolate.

However, the only thing about waffles that are imperfect is their size, but you can fix it using knives. Bowl the waffles first, let them cool in a rack so they do not get damp. Now cut the waffles into finger shapes or bite-sized squares so they can be dipped.

Closing words:

In conclusion, all these dipping options I have added above the post will develop a brilliant taste when mixed with melted chocolate. You can choose one of these yummiest deeper and serve your guests dessert which they will really enjoy.

Before choosing the dip for your chocolate fondue, however, make sure you have the right shape for your fondue. Also, some important factors like taste, textures and juiciness need to be considered when choosing deeper for your next chocolate fondue party.

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