White Kitchens are a Great Choice for you

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White kitchens Homeowners love them, while some designers have grown tired of them and are ready to move on. That said, they are still wildly popular pretty much everywhere. There are many reasons why white kitchens have endured and will continue to be popular – from their versatile design and marketability to their association with cleanliness. No matter what style the all-white kitchen you choose, it is important to keep in mind that layout of kitchen design is still the critical function.

White kitchensSee in gallery

At a basic level, any kitchen will fall into one of these five kitchen design layouts: u-shaped, galley-style, L-shaped, double L-shaped, or a kitchen with a wall. Most of the time, the choice of a kitchen layout design is driven by the space available for the kitchen and how it can be decorated to meet the needs of the family while providing all the important kitchen elements required.

We found an amazing collection of examples designed by Showcase Kitchens of Long Island in Manhasset and Massapequa. Everyone is white, beautiful and has one layout of kitchen design it’s far from boring.

White kitchen design layout ideas

All-white modern kitchen layout

White Kitchen Showcase Kitchens of Long Island in Manhasset and Massapequa

White kitchens are all the rage now and have been for some time. Of course, they were super popular in the 1990s and then fell into disfavor for a while before their current heyde. What makes them so lasting and popular? We asked John Starck, owner of Showcase Kitchens. “The not so recent trend in transitional design, following the popularity of the more ornate traditional design, offers a sophisticated and elegant alternative to a primarily wood-based kitchen. White kitchens give a sense of spaciousness and are a perfect palette for decorative magnification that homeowners seem to enjoy, ”says Starck.

This particular combines a range of contemporary elements for a unique design, from the natural wood beams to the dark-colored countertop along the wall. The soaring ceiling sets the globe’s pendants in motion, and the velvet cover on the bar stools adds a touch of softness. It is a great example of how to melt different materials to spice up a white kitchen.

Elegant with a touch of Glam

Elegant with a touch of Glam

Transition kitchen design with clean lines and a fresh atmosphere is ideal for using a white color palette. These are the types of decorating styles that are more natural for an all-white kitchen, Starck says. This white kitchen is a bit glamorous thanks to the pendants above the island and the chandelier above the table. The feeling is emphasized by other elements, such as the elegant accents on the cabinet glass. The way the quilting on the bar stools captures the pattern on the backsplash. The dark wooden floor and the legs of the chair add depth and warmth to the room.

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Updated traditional style

Updated traditional styleSee in gallery

With trending farmhouse, industrial and modern style, many homeowners prefer a more classic traditional look. That said, today’s traditional kitchen design is not your mother’s traditional kitchen style. This kitchen has lots of traditional elements from the cabin ceiling to the moldings and the overall classic look, but it still has lots of fresh flair. The dramatic and rich marble countertop behind the hob and the updated classic light fixtures are just a few. These homeowners extended their white kitchen style to the dining room, where there is a convenient and comfortable bench as well as plenty of enclosed storage.

Kitchen Neutral and Natural

Kitchen Neutral and Natural

Even among people who love a mostly white palette in the kitchen, not everyone wants everything to be white. When you spice up white kitchens, certain items will give you more money, Starck says. “When it’s a white kitchen, it’s easy to introduce contrast. Usually, center islands or backsplashes behind the area are a good place to highlight the pure look of white and can also serve as a focal point, ”he explains. This particular kitchen has a large island whose bottom has a different color. This type of contrast is a little softer because the color of the wood is more muted, which suits the more laid-back, natural style of this home.

Super family friendly

White Kitchens are a Great Choice No Matter Your

Unlike white rugs and upholstery, white kitchens are completely family-friendly. In fact, their clean appearance makes it easier to spot areas that need cleaning. Here, the kitchen includes a bench on one side, which eliminates the need for a much larger table that can accommodate family with several children. The separate table is also easily replaced as the family grows and changes. The setup is also perfect for kids for homework or other activities while the meals are being prepared and still close to mom or dad.

Sophisticated style

white kitchemn dual chandeliers

At the other end of the spectrum of formality, white kitchens can be quite sophisticated as this is. While the base cabinet resembles other kitchens, the difference is evident in the details included. Stylish washbasins, an elegant tray ceiling and two chandeliers take it to the next level of sophistication. Additions like chairs help determine the mood, and these upholstered stools with rivets and hardware add a lot of style.

Happy and eclectic

Cheery and Eclectic Kitchen

Starck says a limited budget does not have to define how good the kitchen looks. “Choosing appliances can help set the tone in a kitchen. Many appliance brands have a high-performance, luxury aesthetic with a more modest price point. This would be a great way to maintain a high-end look while looking at the budget, ”he says. This particular kitchen upgraded its stove with an exclusive brand that elevates the entire design. Together with the updated light fixtures, the whole room has a luxurious but relaxed atmosphere.

Wonderfully modern

Metal Clad Surfaces Ackerman

In a demonstration of how a white kitchen is always a good idea, this design is modern and a bit eclectic. “There is no apartment where a white kitchen does not work unless the client prefers something else. In the end, the taste is very personal, which includes color preference. “This kitchen has a white background mixed with some dark wood on the island and wall unit. The lighting is where the homeowners’ personality really shines, with two luminaires highlighted in neon yellow and a third across the table an artful, unexpected style.

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An old-school feeling

Glynn all white kitchen

A completely white is the perfect backdrop for a more old-fashioned kitchen like this. Elegant cornices and a curved cornice over the hob are ideal highlights for a more traditional design. Note the beautiful marble countertops, especially on the island that have a different color. The tranquil palette is drawn not only by the top of the island, but by the industrial light fixtures above the island and the sink.

Today’s transition style

Transitional white kitchen with architectural details

Many people are not really ready to commit to a more modern kitchen, but they still want a space that feels fresh and updated, so transitional design is a perfect compromise. This space combines traditional elements with fresher parts such as the updated lighting, bar stools and materials used for the back plate and table tops.

Relaxed calm

Giunta white kitchen desitn

White kitchens are suitable for creating a quieter space. This kitchen combines white and gray elements and the result is amazing, yet with a very zen feel. In addition to the tile back plate, the gray bar stools and dining table chairs add contrast without introducing a more vibrant or contrasting color.

Modern with something shiny

Carrara marble with Wolf and Sub Zero appliances

White kitchens have been popular to and from for quite some time, certain items can make them feel dated. “Shaker door formats tend to be exaggerated,” Starck says. We have made more designed doors by adding details to the door profile. We are increasingly adding more metal to projects in the field of trim, door profiles and castings.

Focus on accents

Brass detailing kitchen cabinet doors

Of course, there are those people who think that all white is boring. “There are probably limitless ways to add visual interest,” Starck says. “For example, by introducing metal in door style. Homeowners can be creative with lighting, hardware, floors and other decorative elements that personalize a white space, ”he adds.

Here are several examples of stunning white kitchens from a variety of other designers that illustrate various types of kitchen design layouts which you can choose.

Traditional white kitchen decor

Traditionally styled with a little glam, this kitchen uses details and accents to create a distinctive character. From the hardware and metal strip along the edge of the tabletop to the curved wood accents, this design is all about the details. The neutral patterned interior of the glass cabinets prevents them from looking too sharp. Such a thing is great inspiration for a part of any larger kitchen.

bauformat hidden storage

When it comes to minimalist white kitchens, they can be streamlined and sleek without being boring. Bauformat’s kitchen layout design manages to hide most critical functional elements and appliances behind the cabinet that do not have the hardware to ruin the look. The engine compartment holes often keep used items at hand, while the backlit, beehive-design backsplash adds interest without adding color or disturbing the calm ambiance.

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Depending on the size of the space

Depending on the size of the room, many of the layout settings of the kitchen decor can be customized to add even more workspace. This large all-white kitchen is L-shaped in basic layout, but the extra space allowed the addition of another island with a prewash and plenty of countertop. Being able to stand between the two and cook provides more than enough work area around the hob. We love the minimal addition of color from the greenish islands in stone.

Small spaces can present kitchen design

Small spaces can present challenges in the layout of the kitchen design, but one way to make them feel more open is to go with a completely white design. Skew towards minimalism can also help things feel less cramped. Shenton Architects designed this small kitchen with a sufficiently slim closed cabinet to hide most things, but incorporated some open shelves for display and frequently used items such as glassware. This also prevents the kitchen from feeling too boxy.

Traditional white kitchen design layout

Although this transition kitchen has a very standard layout, it is a great example of how details are super important in an all-white kitchen. Elements such as the paneled columns and the glass sections on the top cabinets add interest and still remain with the all-white theme. Adding some texture elements like the natural wood in the stools and the flooring heats up the space and the pendants help emphasize it.

White subway kitchen design

Both farmhouse and industrial elements are found in this transition white kitchen. Working from a classic u-shaped kitchen design layout, the room has a number of elements that have made the farmhouse style so popular: white underground tiles, open shelves flanking the sink, and some shiplap-style details on some of the cabinets. On the industrial side, the hood and pendants give a certain edge to the room.

white kitchen is a fabulous option

Hands down, a white kitchen is a fabulous option when it comes to creating a modern, minimalist kitchen. Based on a basic l-shaped kitchen design layout, this example has enough elements that add interest and warmth that it does not feel sharp or unappealing at all. Guy, the natural wood floor goes a long way in making the room feel warmer. A few black elements like the oversized hood and the rod cabinet break the long width. Super wide drawers and the architectural window add some fresh differences to this all-white kitchen.

If you really love one all white kitchen, there is no reason why you should not have one. You can find countless great examples of white kitchens that are still fresh and relevant and that you will not only love living with yours but also on the road, future buyers will probably love it too!

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