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do you know Why Single Origin Coffee Beans are Expensive? read the full article and you will find the answer to this question. If you’ve ever bought coffee from a trendy cafe, you may have seen the words coffee with a single-origin on the menu. These words are not just buzz words for coffee snobs like myself.

Beans of single-origin are coffee beans that come from a single producer, crop, or region and are usually of higher quality because there is responsibility for who grew the beans.

On the other hand, beans that do not have a single origin are usually mixtures. Mixed coffee contains several different types of beans that can be grown on different farms from different places around the world.

Most of the coffee produced and delivered to consumers year-round is mixed beans. Many beans of a single origin are not available all year round because the coffee beans are only available in certain seasons all year round.

Beans for brands like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and many other chain cafes need mixed coffee to deliver a consistent product year-round. If they were trying to use coffee with a single origin, they would have to change beans and how they deliver their locations each season, which would not be possible.

Why coffee of single origin CAN taste better than blended coffee

I will start by saying that blended coffee is no better than coffee of a single origin, and coffee of a single origin is not necessarily better than blended coffee.

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Like wines with blends and varieties, there is no clear winner. In some mixtures, there may be a taste that may raise the mixture to greater than the sum of the two different beans. Some of the world’s largest coffee has a touch of a different variety.

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Due to the nature of coffee of single-origin and how it can be traced to a single place and a single farm, you can get different flavors from the particular variety of coffee. So if you find a taste you really enjoy and you can locate the region that makes coffee that suits your favorite varieties, you can consistently find the unique coffee you love by buying beans with a single origin from this place.

The taste of each coffee bean can be affected by many things based on region and can therefore be roasted in different ways to highlight the particular flavors that the region is known for. Things like the botanical variety of the bean, the soil, the climate, the altitude, and the natural fauna that grows around the coffee plant can affect the taste of the end product and beans that you eventually brew.

This is why we prefer lighter roasts when tasting coffee beans of a single origin. The lighter roasts can highlight the flavors associated with the bean and less of the dark chocolate flavors that come out when roasting a coffee darker.

When coffee of a single origin is better than blended coffee

The advantage of coffee of a single origin is that it comes from a single batch. So why is that an advantage you might be asking?

Mixtures will rarely use high-quality expensive beans in a mix because the taste is masked by the other beans in the mix. Also, because blends are usually marketed and sold at the $ 10- $ 12 price level, it will be difficult to justify selling a blend of high-quality beans.

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As a result, blends usually stay away from the exotic CoE-winning beans. The best way to experience these coffee beans is to buy single-origin and spend a little more money up to $ 25 for something special or even up to $ 50+ for an award-winning party.

Another reason to try single origin is that blends usually try to target a single flavor profile that they can consistently achieve. This is because consumers expect a special taste when buying coffee from a retailer, and this taste is usually a dark and roasted tasting cup of coffee.

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Cafes and coffee shops are forced to create this flavor to keep customers happy, so they buy the same beans over and over again and never give small farms with other beans of a single origin a try. The only way to get a unique and new experience and taste of how coffee should taste are to buy beans with a single origin.

However, this also means that there is less demand for these single-origin beans because retailers, roasteries, cafes, and coffee shops only buy beans for mix in bulk, and single-origin beans are more of a risk to them. What if their customers do not like the taste? This makes single-origin beans more expensive because they cannot be mixed and there are no economies of scale.

Is there the best coffee bean with a single origin

This is the best part of coffee, there are no “best” coffee beans. This is exactly what you prefer, and when you find a farm or region that produces coffee that you consistently like, then this region is the best coffee bean with a single origin for you!

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However, this only applies if you enjoy the taste of your coffee and not if you enjoy adding tons of milk and sugar to your brew. If you do this, you may prefer a consistent mixture that is tender.

I think the best coffee with a single origin should be enjoyed black. The most famous places for coffee of single origin are:

  • Ethiopia
  • Tanzania
  • Hawaii
  • Nicaragua
  • Sumatra
  • Kenya
  • Guatemala
  • Peru

You can not go wrong with any of these regions when looking for tasty coffee beans with a single origin.

When looking for coffee beans with a single origin, you can look for the exact farms they come from. Sometimes these farms themselves cannot supply enough coffee beans to export so you can also find cooperatives.

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These beans are available in micro and nano batches that you can choose which batch of coffee beans you buy and you can find some of the best coffee this way.

Due to the nature of the coffee beans and when they are available, these beans will not be for sale all the time and it will be best to buy beans with a single origin during the coffee season in early summer to autumn.

Here’s how to find out if your coffee is of single-origin

If you buy your coffee beans and you can see exactly the name and area of ​​the farm that your coffee comes from, it is most likely coffee with a single origin. But if the beans just say medium fried and give no indication of where the coffee is from, it’s probably a mixture.

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Beans of a single origin also usually proudly show the fact that they are beans of a single origin.

Remember this tip the next time you go shopping for a bag of coffee.


Beans of single-origin may be more expensive than their mixed counterparts, but they provide a different experience.

With beans of single-origin you will be able to taste and compare all the unique flavors and qualities of coffee grown all over the world.

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If you are curious about how coffee can taste unique and different, you will be interested in coffee with a single origin.

Your mind will be blown when you taste single-origin varieties that taste blueberries, strawberries, cane sugar, and more!

Experience the unique flavors of coffee by diving into your single-origin coffee experience today!


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