Withings’ new health devices send data to doctors

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2021-02-25 14:01:00

Withings eliminates some of the problems with telehealth devices, the pain of having to install them and keep them connected. Its new line of monitoring products will work right out of the box, connecting immediately to a healthcare professional and relaying blood pressure-to-weight details from the patient’s home to the doctor’s office.

The Withings Body Pro and Withings BPM Connect Pro cellular smart scale are similar to those devices sold directly to consumers, such as the Withings BPM Connect. But these are designed for a professional purchase. Patients can read data from their screens, but the details are also sent instantly to doctors and other healthcare professionals without the user having to take any further action.

Withings The new Withings Body Pro sends data directly to a single healthcare professionalWithings

Withings Body Pro

While they work over a cellular connection, the two devices can also be linked via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so patients have multiple ways to ensure their healthcare providers get their details.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has certainly reduced patient visits to doctor’s offices and health care centers. In some cases, people have been advised not to enter hospitals, for example due to lack of space in an institution. As a result, telehealth visits have increased over the past year, and that’s where Withings’ new lineup comes in.

Withings BPM Connect Pro

imgWithings BPM Connect Pro can also work over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in case cell service is poor.Withings

The new Withings Body Pro cellular smart scale serves the patient’s weight, but also trends, the encouragement to step on the scale regularly and even the daily weather forecast in their area.

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The new BPM Connect Pro is a blood pressure monitor that displays readings on an LED screen directly on the cuff.

Those wishing to acquire the BPM Connect Pro or the Body Pro can contact Withings for more details, including prices.


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